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A TV that is not noticeable… A TV that can be placed in any room… A TV that is an original element of decor that does not disturb the harmony of the interior… An old dream of designers around the world has become a reality!

The use of mirrors in the interior is a favorite of many designers, as they complicate the visualization of space and increase the amount of light. The unexpected transformation of one of the mirrors into an ultra-thin TV is an interesting and original solution worthy of a truly modern home.


Special attention should be paid to the unique technical characteristics of modern televisions, which can not only perform the functions of a TV, but also be a decoration of the house.

  • Thanks to Mirror technology, a TV with a diagonal of 7 to 100 inches can be placed behind the mirror.
  • Gap-free installation guarantees a crystal clear image.
  • LCD monitors require no ventilation, making them quiet and energy efficient.
  • You can cut the mirror to your size or write on it – any creative preferences will be embodied in the interior.
  • Aquarium TV will delight fans of watching fish. Without tiring yourself with complex arrangements for a real aquarium, you can enjoy watching the virtual underwater life. Absolute naturalism is achieved through high-definition video, and well-chosen decor elements and the right lighting make the aquarium TV a spectacular design move.
  • TV-picture will be a godsend for aesthetes. Masterpieces of the world fine arts will delight art lovers and create an aura of noble aristocracy. Paintings by outstanding masters of the past and present can be shown at different intervals – from a daily change of exposure to a minute-by-minute demonstration of canvases in a slide show.
  • A luxury TV set encrusted with stones or framed in a chic crocodile skin baguette will emphasize your high social status, making the atmosphere sophisticated and respectable.

SLR TVs are produced in Germany, the USA, Japan and a number of other countries. These TVs are reliable, durable and have high technical characteristics.

A mirror turned into a multifunctional entertainment center will give you a crystal clear image born of glass for decades.

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