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In Europe, and throughout the rest of the world, there is now a real boom in environmental friendliness. More and more people are switching to organic food, clothing made from natural fabrics, switching to hybrid or electric cars, moving from noisy cities to quiet, and sometimes completely deserted places. Fashion for environmental friendliness has reached the interior. Now, of course, many will think about wall decoration with natural materials or hand-assembled furniture, but we are talking about something else! Our story about decorating rooms with stabilized moss. The idea of decorating premises with phytopanels made of stabilized moss originates directly from the very idea of stabilizing plants. Stabilized moss, lichen and reindeer moss are living plants treated with a special composition, they retain their appearance for many years.


Stabilized moss panels (also called phytowalls) do not require special care, thanks to antistatic treatment they do not collect dust, but it is important to follow a few simple rules: 1. Use stabilized moss products for indoor use only 2. Avoid direct sunlight 3. Do not water


Preserved moss green walls have unique soundproofing properties, making them suitable for interior design of all entertainment and leisure establishments. In addition to restaurants, bars and nightclubs, vertical landscaping stabilized</a > moss an ideal option to diversify the interior of shopping centers, government agencies, museums, waiting rooms at train stations and airports and medical centers. Preserved moss panels can be used for both vertical and horizontal finishes. Stabilized moss can be used to create a vibrant, eco-friendly logo, as well as frame art in a trendy art gallery or mirrors in a showroom. There are options for making press walls from stabilized moss for presentations. A separate line in interior design with stabilized moss is decoration of apartments and residential premises. Due to the complete environmental friendliness of the production of phytopanels, the use of stabilized decorative moss in residential premises is absolutely safe. For the decoration of apartments, country houses and apartments, stabilized moss can also be used in the frames of paintings and mirrors, make green walls with it, decorate flights of stairs, ceilings and much more! Create! Dare! Stabilized moss does not require special care!

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