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Recently, interest in the cold ceiling system has increased among ionosfera customers. Potential customers are asked to comment on the economy, innovation and other benefits of this system.

Air surrounds us throughout life. Therefore, high air quality and comfortable temperature are the most important environmental properties that determine our well-being.

Akvilon cold ceilings are a unique alternative to traditional air conditioners, created by the German company BeKa Heiz- und Kuehlmatten in 1985.

The main element of the Akvilon Cold Ceiling System (both walls and floors can also be used) are capillary mats, consisting of a flexible polypropylene pipeline. In addition, mats are completely hidden from human eyes under the finish, which is an important factor for the work of interior designers and architects.

The capillary-tubular system is laid under plaster ceilings, in concrete or plasterboard bases, metal cassettes. The piping must be connected to the hydraulic circuit of the refrigeration system, through which cooled (by a chiller or other source of cold, such as a ground geothermal collector) distilled water circulates. It is slightly colder or warmer than the air in the room, if the heating is 28-32°C, then the cooling reaches a level of 16-18°C.

Radiant cooling systems fundamentally do not use air as a coolant, but directly cool all objects and surfaces in the room, including the surface of the human body. Heat exchange between the surface in which the Cold Ceiling System is installed and a person occurs mainly due to radiation (80%), and also by convection (20%), while the speed of the air flow is negligible. This is what creates a feeling of natural coolness and comfort in the room.


energy efficiency – saving up to 30% of electricity compared to a traditional air conditioning system;

environmental friendliness – absence of an evaporative system on which microorganisms are collected;

savings in maintenance – no need to purchase consumables;

guaranteed durability – service life of more than 20 years;

invisibility and noiselessness – complete absence of visible equipment;

multifunctionality – the ability to work both for cooling in summer and for heating in winter.


Cold ceilings perform the function of maintaining the required microclimate parameters in the room and the optimal air temperature for human health.

When designing an interior design that will use the Cold Ceiling System, a number of technical conditions need to be taken into account. But this is a topic for a separate discussion.

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