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Increasingly, people are waking up with a love for beauty, and instead of boring wallpaper and dull painting in interior design, they use stencils made of high-quality Italian plaster.

A stencil can be both letters and simple geometric shapes, as well as complex artistic compositions, ornaments that reproduce the style of a certain era or national color. A stencil can be large and rather complex or small and simple. After applying the stencil on the wall, a butterfly can unfold its wings or freeze in a moment of a swift flight of a seagull.


When developing project design, the use of stencil technique using decorative plasters is an ideal way to “revitalize” any interior and giving it an artistic and original look. This is the curiosity that is sometimes lacking in our house. This method of decoration is due to its originality and can be made in any color scheme. Stencil wall decoration attracts people who appreciate man-made.

Stencil technique can be used on structural, antique, textured, as well as Venetian plasters. The result is delightfully smooth or voluminous drawings. If desired, the image can be patinated or emphasized with silver, gold, etc., then your interior will sparkle with completely new colors and shades. Any wildest fantasies can be translated into reality with the help of screen painting.


Screen painting is a complex and time-consuming process. Decorating the interior with the help of stencil decoration is a task only for professionals who master the fine art of painting and application techniques. We bring to your attention the services of professional craftsmen. Screen painting is one of those techniques that only professionals can do.

If you find it difficult to make a choice, then our designers will help you choose the best stencil option that will be in harmony with your interior. Also, you have the right to order stencils according to your sketches. When choosing stencils, you should pay attention to the fact that the picture looks different on samples and in volume. And the choice of color and the stencil pattern itself depends not only on the background, the texture of the wall, the size and lighting of the room, but also on the furniture, its location, and even on how tightly the space is crowded. Therefore, the help of a designer is extremely important when choosing stencils.

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