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Our century can most accurately be defined as the century of the desire to express individuality in everything – in one’s appearance and behavior, in choosing a profession and lifestyle, and, of course, in decorating one’s home and its most noticeable part – the facade. When reconstruction and construction of houses, future owners pay considerable attention to facade design.

That is why it is now very difficult to single out any single style orientation in the field of decorating the facades of country houses. It simply does not exist, and we can only talk about the greater or lesser relevance of certain stylistic trends of the past.


Today, “Russian style” is quite popularcottages, stylized as Russian merchant houses, made of timber or simply sheathed with wood, decorated with carved wooden elements, window trims, etc. By the way, often natural wood, not the most practical material, little resistant to weather conditions, is replaced by polyurethane, processed and painted to look like wood.

alpine chalet style looks no less attractive for owners of country houses – wide terraces, sloping roofs and a combination of wood and stone in the design of the facade. Chalet-style houses built in a wooded area look especially advantageous. In this case, a picture is achieved that is as close as possible to the original picture of Alpine settlements.

Particularly popular among fans of European culture is the German half-timbered style – wooden or polyurethane wood-like beams that create geometric patterns on the facade of the house, and plaster that gives the building a bright and festive look.

Luxury connoisseurs do not disregard the “rich” Empire, Baroque, Regency styles, which allow extensively decorating houses with columns and modern skillfully made polyurethane stucco moldings.

Finally, people who want to keep up with the times and are proud to live in the most technogenic century opt for hi-tech and decorate the facades of their houses with glass and metal structures.

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