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Probably thinking about apartment interior design or cottage, have you thought about how to provide comfortable and practical glazing?

Windows have gone through many stages in their development. From time immemorial, people wanted to see their homes illuminated, but there was a problem of keeping warm, so there were not many window openings in old houses, and their sizes were minimal.

With the development of technology, warmer windows began to appear – a wooden “carpentry” with twin bindings, which provided an acceptable level of heat retention, but had problems with the practicality of caring for such windows. And at the turn of the 90s of the last century, plastic windows were actively used, which had high tightness and, as a result, were warm and “quiet”.

But such windows still had a fairly large opaque part. But what if the windows face the shady side, or the North?

Please note that it is light that gives a person a feeling of complete happiness. How pleasant it is to take a walk on the first sunny days of spring. That is why we propose to install the so-called widescreen windows – these are windows that have a minimum opaque part:

Such windows are made from the profile system Delight-Design (light – from ang. Light), due to the use of which, on average, the area of ​​​​the double-glazed window increases by 10%.

And to ensure maximum glazing efficiency, such windows use a unique double-glazed window consisting of 3 glasses (outer glass – multifunctional, middle glass – ordinary, inner glass – energy-saving).


Each glass solves its own task:

Multifunctional glass is widely used for glazing skyscrapers in hot countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE). Its main task is to “cut off” the heat at high temperatures. Such glass allows light to pass through, but at the same time does not allow heat to penetrate into the room.

Energy-saving or the so-called i-glass helps to maintain the temperature inside the room (warm in winter or cool in summer).

Thus, we get perfect glazing with maximum light transmission, moreover, it acts as an air conditioner, keeping warm or cool inside the room, depending on the season.

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