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Shutters (shutters) are a frame structure. Adjustable horizontal slats (lamellas) are attached inside of which, outwardly, the shutters are similar to the blinds. This design is mounted directly in the vertical sides of the window opening. This allows you to open and close the shutters (hence the name -to shut-close), easily remove if necessary. It is possible to use models for skylights and openings of complex shapes (arched, oval, round). Traditionally, shutters are used in cottage design.


Shatters are made of high-tech material – “Polystyle”, close in properties to wood, but without its shortcomings. wooden shutters can warp or even crack, especially if used in a bathroom, sauna or tanning bed. In terms of strength, flexibility, moisture resistance. Polystyle turns out to be the best material to use. The palette of colors is sufficient for the most demanding design. (according to the RAL color system – more than 400 colors + for any type of wood.



Shutters themselves are practical and durable – withstand frost and humidity, do not fade, easy to clean if necessary (either with a vacuum cleaner on the window or under running water using detergents). Due to their versatility, shutters can be used as an interior attribute in a loggia, in a bathroom, in a kitchen, in window openings in basements. Shutters are widely used in the design of office space as office partitions. Shutters easily fit into the interior, even in combination with tulle and curtains.

In addition, one of the most important features of Shutters is that they significantly reduce energy costs. By closing the shutters in winter, you prevent cold air from entering the room. During the summer, shatters prevent direct sunlight from entering and increasing the temperature in your home. In both cases, batteries and air conditioners don’t work overtime, electricity needs drop and money stays with you.

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