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A country house or cottage almost never happens without a fireplace, especially in our climate with dank autumn and cold winter. In this regard, more and more serious demands are made in the development of fireplace inserts in the trend of the latest progressive technologies and not in changes in design and dimensions.


  • Modern houses with improved thermal insulation require less and less heat for heating. On the one hand, fireboxes of small size and low power can cope with this, but we want to see a beautiful flame and a full-fledged fireplace. On the other hand, a large firebox gives more power output, which becomes a real problem in the modern home.
  • Modern people want to be able to enjoy the pleasant crackle of firewood, and at the same time be able to protect themselves, their home, their children and animals in those moments when an adult cannot be around and watch the fireplace with an open fire.
  • According to the requirements of European standards, only those fireplaces that do not harm the environment can be used.

To adequately respond to the new challenges of the modern world, Stûv has developed a new model of the energy-saving fireplace insert Stûv µM.




The volume of the combustion chamber is reduced in the new furnace, and a 4-level afterburning is implemented, due to which a higher temperature is reached inside the furnace part and, as a result, the combustion of firewood improves and the efficiency of the glass self-cleaning system increases. Thanks to the new design and new solutions, the work of the furnace allows you to get more thermal energy to heat the house, and less emissions into the atmosphere.

  • The inside of the combustion chamber is made of cast iron. This material not only allows you to give the product any shape, but also, due to its wear resistance, tolerates prolonged contact with burning wood.
  • To ensure the combustion of firewood located at the bottom of the furnace part, a design revision of the combustion system was required. To ensure complete combustion of firewood and efficient cleaning of glass, air is distributed by supplying it to various points of the combustion chamber. One control element provides the optimal air supply depending on the required performance.
  • The chosen design of the firebox floor is also absolutely not accidental: the location of the air inlet holes ensures almost complete combustion of the ash, and due to the depth of the furnace part, the firebox operation time is increased without removing the ash.

The combustion chamber, as it were, borders the firewood laid in the form of a camp fire. Firewood length: up to 50 cm. We recommend using 30 cm firewood.



The design of the µM firebox is designed to have reasonable overall dimensions and a wide view of the flame, which in turn influenced its design features. The sealing system ensures that the firebox is completely airtight.

  • The door is an important element to help control the quality of combustion. The fireplace door swings back, which makes it easier to lift the glass and prevents wear, ensuring a perfect and reliable seal (patented technology).
  • The door also tilts forward to make it easier to clean the inside of the glass. The guides and the mechanism for lifting the glass are placed in the frame and are easily accessible (patented technology).
  • Unique modern glass lifting system without a frame, allows maximum view of the fire in any position of the glass.
  • The µM firebox is highly efficient at both 5kW and 12kW, making it suitable for both low-energy and traditional homes.

CONNECTIONS OF THE FIREPLACE WITH THE FIREPLACE1. It is possible to connect a chimney
vertically up or back (Ø 180 mm).2. The deflector can be easily retracted for cleaning.3. The fireplace can be equipped (as an additional
options) with a fan to increase air circulation.
This fan is easily accessible for maintenance of the interior of the oven.
Service hatch is not required.4. Direct communication with outside air, even during operation
ovens on open fire. BUILT-IN BBQ µM Firebox in BBQ mode provides a completely new way of cooking, which is as follows: the food being cooked is not laid out in a horizontal position above the embers, but is located in front of the flames. Foods are cooked under radiant heat and unlike horizontal grilling, the melted fat does not cause flashes of flame. It takes a matter of seconds to install the grill in the firebox. The stainless steel fat and juice drip tray allows you to turn over cooked food without contaminating the floor of the oven or the floor in the room. Odors from cooking do not spread throughout the house, but are removed through the chimney.PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICSThe µM firebox design is designed in accordance with the requirements of the strictest European standards and quality marks: DIN + (Germany), 15A (Austria), etc. .A distinctive feature of this firebox is that it retains its performance characteristics even when operating at half power (50% of the rated power). This also applies to the performance of the furnace in terms of emissions of carbon monoxide, fine particles and aerosols (Austrian Standard 15A)

ionosfera specialists, developing interior design of country houses and cottages, offer customers to use µM firebox not only as the most efficient and energy-efficient heating and cooking system, but also as a stylish piece of furniture.

Rated power 10 kW
Working range 5 – 12 kW
Efficiency at 5.5kW >80%
Efficiency at 11 kW >80%
Carbon monoxide emissions

at a power of 5.5 kW

Carbon monoxide emissions

at a power of 11 kW

Emissions of aerosols 3
Firewood consumption 1.4 – 3.5 kg/h
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