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Today, decorative plaster is a priority in design for apartments and houses.

Environmental friendliness is one of the main advantages of decorative plaster.

Innovative wall finishing materials with modifying additives have gone beyond the usual scope, ceasing to be just decorative coatings. The development of stable solutions with silver ions and polymer coatings from Italy allow us to look at decorative plaster from an unexpected angle. It has long been known that silver ions have a pronounced antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity. This allows you to reduce the infectious background of the room. From the point of view of maintaining health and preventing the spread of viral infections, the value of this invention cannot be overestimated.

The silver protection of the material from the “San Marco Nano+” series allows you to look at modern finishing materials from a completely different perspective. The diameter of the nanoparticles lies in the range of 9-15 nm. But size matters in this case, because only such “silver bullets” are able to fight in the nanoworld of viruses and bacteria. At the same time, it should be noted that modern antibiotics work very selectively, destroying at most 7 types of bacteria, and activated silver ions destroy more than 600 varieties of pathogens. In addition, they do not need to be taken internally: the surface of the plaster itself works, while maintaining its effect.

In addition, the coating “San Marco Nano +” acquires other properties: it becomes durable, resistant to aggressive weather conditions, does not fade in the sun and is not affected by mold.

Italian polymer decorative plaster for outdoor use has high adhesion to various surfaces: it easily lays not only on concrete and brick, but also on extruded polystyrene, metal, wood, polyurethane foam, OSB. The operating temperature range from -50 to +60 C makes it possible to use such decorative coatings in any climatic zones, while their elasticity is maintained for 30 years.

Nanotechnology makes it possible to discover unexpected facets in already familiar materials. Thanks to this, our living space ceases to be just beautiful and moves to a qualitatively new level.

The line of decorative materials with nano-cleaners provides freedom in the development of cottage design and the creation of interiors of rare beauty.

In the ionosfera studio interior designer Ukraine will develop your individual style.

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