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Developing a project designer of apartments and eco-friendly paints for interiors.

The creation of environmentally friendly finishing materials for walls and ceilings is becoming the subject of scientific research by the world’s leading companies.

The high quality of the products combined with their environmental friendliness leaves no room for compromise.

Renovation of an apartment or house using StoColor Climasan paint involves air purification based on the principle of photocatalysis.

Gases and volatiles , which are present in the air of any room, collide with the surface of the wall or ceiling, painted with paint StoColor Climasan.



Light activates the catalyst, present in the paint, which on the boundary surface begins to continuously decompose substances into their constituent elements.





A measurable improvement in indoor air quality.


To breathe clean air, just turn on the light. Under the action of the catalyst, which is part of the paint, organic compounds contained in the air are neutralized, pollutant molecules are decomposed into separate harmless particles.

Active interior paint StoColor Climasan eliminates odors and dirt. The greatest effect is achieved in residential premises, restaurants and cafes, medical institutions.


This paint from Germany has a certificate confirming low emission of volatile substances, the absence of solvents and plasticizers, as well as a control system for the selection of raw materials.



  • Effective removal of odors and airborne pollutants
  • Wash resistance (wet abrasion class 2)
  • vapor permeability
  • High hiding power (1st hiding power class 0.15 l/m2)
  • fire safety (class km-1)

We spend most of our lives indoors – we live, work, relax. That is why eco-friendly finishing materials, used in the renovation of apartments and houses, make our living environment not only beautiful, but also safe and comfortable. Interior Designer Services by ionosfera.

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