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The METALMEK factory (Italy) presented a new brand of designer radiators – ARTEKALOR heated towel rails. In addition to unusual design solutions, the product assumes high quality and thermal performance.

The product line in the development of interior design and its implementation allows it to be used in rooms of various styles and purposes.

For example, the FLOX model is equally well suited for both the “PROVENCE” style and the “MINIMALISM” style. Moreover, in this model, as an option, there may be a different color LED backlight. This development is innovative.

Model KITON, in the form of multi-colored buttons, is well suited for creating compositions in playrooms and children’s rooms. It also has LED backlighting, has a high heat output and allows you to create independent compositional solutions.

Separately, it should be said about the TWENTY model, which can be used in almost any style interiors. This model has a great decorative potential, allowing you to succinctly fit radiators into the most exclusive interiors without the use of decorative screens. The model has dimensions of 20 * 20 centimeters, with a thickness of 5 centimeters, is composed of three modules. The modules can be placed both horizontally in the form of heated shelves and vertically in the form of panels. They also have multi-colored LED lights. For this model, there are various design solutions in appearance, ranging from puzzles and typesetting modules of any color to decorative pillows and high-tech panels.

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