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Even 5-10 years ago, two-level apartments were not common, given that it is difficult and expensive to make one from two single-level apartments. In 2018, finding such housing is easier – especially on the upper floors of new buildings. However, the choice and purchase of two-level apartments is only the beginning. The planning and zoning of the apartment will take much more time, which should be taken with special responsibility – changing the arrangement of rooms and other elements in this case will be much more difficult than with ordinary single-level housing.


Considering the layout options for two-level housing, first of all, they look at the ratio of the area of ​​​​the first and second levels. If there is a difference in these indicators, a space is formed in the apartment, called “double-height”. Its difference is double height and improved aesthetics – it is pleasant to be in such a room, and the apartment itself gives the impression of its own two-story house.

Among other advantages of a double-height space, it is worth noting:

  • good lighting and the ability to choose standard or panoramic windows for housing;
  • increasing space on the first level due to fewer walls and partitions;
  • if desired, you can install a huge chandelier in the hall;
  • A large selection of options for placing stairs, or even an elevator.

Among the disadvantages of the “second world” can be called a decrease in the total area of ​​​​housing. Instead of a double-height space, there could be 1-2 extra rooms. In addition, in high rooms, noise spreads better, it is more difficult to heat them, and it will take almost as much time to clean large chandeliers and long curtains as it would to completely clean in an ordinary apartment.

Due to the shortcomings of double-height spaces, many owners of two-level apartments choose “one-light” zoning, the advantages of which are a large area and good sound insulation, and among the minuses are not such a spectacular interior and visual division of housing into 2 parts. Although each buyer (or owner who decides to redevelop) housing may have their own preferences regarding the configuration of single- and double-height spaces, they will be the main criterion for choosing the appropriate option.


When distributing the premises over the floors of two-level apartments, the correct zoning is an important point. Among the most common mistakes are:

  • incorrect location of the entrances to the premises – for example, the placement of the exit from the bathrooms to the kitchen or to the living room;
  • placing a children’s room on the second level, if we are talking about small children;
  • having only one bathroom in a large two-story apartment – a second toilet or at least a shower room will save time for residents whose bedrooms are on the upper level.

Particular attention should be paid to communications and the location of the stairs. Indeed, if it is relatively easy to move partitions and doors (and, moreover, change the purpose of rooms), moving a riser and a flight of stairs will require high costs. Sometimes, to move the stairs to a new location, you may even need additional openings in the interfloor ceiling or their expansion. It is difficult to do this, but it is even more difficult to agree on such a redevelopment and draw up all the necessary documents.


Rational use of available space will help to make a two-level apartment comfortable. So, to reduce the area that the staircase will occupy, they prefer the option on hinged balusters. If a straight flight of stairs is chosen for safety reasons, the space below it is used as a pantry or closet.

Two-level housing will be comfortable and cozy if there is more space on the first floor than on the second. The upper part of the housing is given to the bedrooms and ancillary facilities (office, workshop). On the lower level are the kitchen, dining room (for large apartments) and living room – the areas in which the inhabitants of the apartment spend the most time.

Compliance with the features of zoning will avoid additional time and money spent on redevelopment. And, although it is possible to draw up a plan for a two-level housing on your own, contacting experienced specialists “ionosfera”, who are familiar with the planning rules and are ready to take into account the requirements of the owner of the apartment.

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