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We are so accustomed to comfort that we don’t even think about the fact that power plants are constantly working for this, and millions of tons of natural resources are extracted from the bowels of the earth: coal, oil and gas. Every year more and more. Electricity, water and heat have become commonplace for us, so we do not notice how irrationally we spend these benefits.


Millions of tons of resources are burned to produce energy. Our demands are growing, natural resources are dwindling. This makes them inaccessible and expensive, which is clearly visible on utility bills. Involuntarily, one has to think about the rational use of resources.

And rightly so, because energy saving is the richest, most affordable and environmentally friendly source of energy available. Each of us can succeed in this business at the household level. The daily implementation of simple energy-saving rules helps not only reduce utility bills, but also contribute to solving global energy and environmental problems.


The main source of heat loss in the cold season is windows. Replacing old wooden frames with metal-plastic double-glazed windows will increase the room temperature by 1-5˚C. Glazing of balconies, sealing gaps in window frames, installing a second front door, floor insulation gives the same effect.

To increase the efficiency of heating radiators, a heat-reflecting foil screen installed at the back will help. If there are old cast-iron batteries, it is better to replace them with aluminum or metal ones, since they have a 40-50% higher heat transfer level. Another rational solution is the installation of thermostats and meters. Saving heat, we save electricity, as additional heating of the room is not required.


Only residents of arid countries understand the value of this resource. Despite the fact that 70% of the planet is covered with water, only 1% of this good is suitable for drinking. Saving water is not difficult: you need to install a meter, monitor the condition of taps and toilet bowls. After all, even a small leak imperceptibly winds up a few extra cubes in a month.

When washing and brushing your teeth, washing dishes, it is not necessary to turn on the water at full power, a thin jet is often enough. Replacing swivel taps with lever ones, installing spray nozzles saves up to 15% of water. Taking a shower uses 20 times less water than taking a bath.

When washing dishes by hand, water is spent 5 times more than in a dishwasher. Installation of such equipment will save up to 8 cubic meters per year. The same goes for washing machines. However, when choosing a model, one should be guided not by the price, but by the characteristics: min and max water consumption per cycle, energy saving class (optimally A, even better AA). It is good if the technique will be with different automatic programs.


Electricity is one of the main expenses for utilities. But if it is reasonable to approach the use of this resource, then consumption is reduced by 40-50% without compromising the quality of life. We have a light on in every room, TVs and computers are working around the clock, some household appliances are on standby.

If you learn how to turn off the light bulb when leaving the room for more than 5 minutes, turn off appliances, mobile chargers when no one uses them, then you will save 300-400 kW of electricity per year.

There are a lot of rules and subtleties of energy saving in everyday life and it is difficult to control all the processes yourself, it is more convenient to trust technical progress. Install a smart home system


It is advisable to load the automatic washing machine to the maximum, but not beyond the norm, overloading or underloading is fraught with overspending of water and electricity up to 15%.

If you put fluorescent lamps in the hallway, in the kitchen and in common areas, and install the refrigerator in a cool, well-ventilated place, you can save several kilowatts per day. Laundry should be ironed in a slightly damp state, so less energy will be spent.

If you keep the windows clean, hang light and transparent curtains, the light level will increase by 30%. When choosing an apartment design, it is better to give preference to light colors, so the room will become 15% lighter. These measures will allow you to turn on the light later and save up to 5 kW per month.

You can save electricity and gas on cooking. When using dishes with a flat bottom and the size corresponding to the burner, 40-60% less energy is spent. Several kW are saved if you boil as much water in the kettle as you need at that very moment.

There are many such examples, and most often it is easier to solve them at the stage of designing and drawing up a design project for an apartment.

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