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Choosing an interior design studio is not a question we face on a daily basis. In addition to the fact that interior design is determined on a like/dislike basis, there are many other parameters that need to be considered in order to choose the right design studio. We will give here the main recommendations from which you should proceed when choosing a partner to create the interior of your home. RECOMMENDATION 1. YOUR TASTES MATCH. The very first parameter that is paid attention to when choosing interior design studio is the portfolio. Study it carefully and decide for yourself whether you like these works or not. If the designer works in a style that matches yours, it will be much easier for you to understand each other and get a result that satisfies both sides. Portfolio volume, oddly enough, is not an indicator of the company’s experience. A very young company may present a large number of design projects (both their own and not), while an experienced and old company may not have a large number of examples of work on the site, because. in the premium segment, not all Customers consent to the placement of their interiors on the site. RECOMMENDATION 2. FUNCTIONALITY, PRACTICE, COMFORT. It is important not to forget that in a beautiful interior it should be comfortable for all members of your family to live. Therefore, at the selection stage, carefully study the planning solutions that the company offered to its customers. Pay attention to redevelopment plans, selected solutions for the organization of premises. Everything must be thought out perfectly. RECOMMENDATION 3. ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS. The design project must necessarily take into account all communications: an electrical plan (the location of sockets, lamps, chandeliers, switches, etc.), a plan for the location of plumbing, the location of ventilation openings and other things. RECOMMENDATION 3. A DESIGNER SHOULD WORK FOR YOU. When developing a design project, the designer must take into account your desire to use objects dear to you in the interior: fit your grandmother’s piano into the interior, a collection of masks from Peru, the first drawings of children. You should get not just a beautiful picture, but an interior designed exclusively for you. It is also very important when developing an interior design to describe the hobbies of your family members, so that in the process of work the designer can arrange the attributes for a hobby with maximum comfort in use. RECOMMENDATION 4. DISCUSS ANYTHING YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND. If some of the designer’s decisions seem strange or incomprehensible to you, be sure to ask for an explanation of why this was done. You live in this interior and with these details. A qualified specialist must be able to justify his position and be flexible. RECOMMENDATION 5. STUDY THE COMPOSITION OF THE DESIGN PROJECT. Different companies have different plans in the design project. It is necessary that as a result of the work you receive a complete list with plans. You can study the complete composition of the design project here. RECOMMENDATION 6. GUARANTEES, TERMS, COST. Please read the contract carefully before starting work. It must clearly state the following:

  • What is included in the design project,
  • The deadlines within which the company is obliged to prepare the project,
  • The exact cost and procedure for developing a design project.

RECOMMENDATION 7: RELIABILITY. The “reliability” parameter is the main advantage of an interior design studio over a private designer. Earlier, we considered subjective points that you need to pay attention to when communicating with a specialist. Now let’s turn to the reliability of the company.

  • Experience.

One of the most important parameters when choosing an interior design studio is its experience. It should be more than 5 years, ideally more than 10. This indicates that the company has been around for a long time, has a large number of completed projects, and can be trusted.

  • Publications in journals.

The presence of publications in magazines with reference to the company confirms the reality of the work performed and the seriousness of the company.

  • The ability to implement a turnkey design project.

It is very good when one company is responsible for the entire process from the design project to the selection of furniture and accessories in the “one window” mode. This allows you to significantly save time and nerves on finding contractors, organizing and monitoring their work, purchasing materials and other things. When ordering a design project and repair and construction work in one company, the service of architectural supervision is provided free of charge (when the designer controls the progress of the work and the compliance of the result with the design project).

  • The company has SRO approvals, licenses and certificates.

The company must have permits to carry out construction and repair work. It is also desirable to have a certificate of compliance of the company’s management system with the requirements of the international standard in relation to the preparation of project documentation, construction, reconstruction and overhaul, which affect the safety of capital construction projects. This once again confirms the reliability of the company. RECOMMENDATION 8. TRANSPARENCY OF PRICE FORMATION. In the process of work, you must clearly understand the financial feasibility of all proposed activities. And also you should be provided with information on the cost of all work and a clear fixed estimate for construction and finishing materials. You need to know exactly how much and for what you are paying. RECOMMENDATION 9: SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION. When designing residential interiors, it is very important to choose eco-friendly materials for renovation, as well as innovative solutions. For example, the use of environmentally friendly interior paint StoColor Climasan involves air purification based on the principle of photocatalysis, innovative environmentally friendly decorative plasters have antiviral and antifungal activity. The use of such materials in the repair will significantly improve the quality of your life and the health of your family. Also, ideally, the company you choose to design and renovate your apartment should have experience in designing Smart Home systems to create a truly modern interior, and provide maximum comfort with the help of modern technologies. RECOMMENDATION 10: WHAT DO PEOPLE SAY? Read reviews about the company. Reviews can be presented on the company’s website in a special section, they can be on the websites of various thematic portals, in social networks. networks. Why do we indicate this point (seemingly so important) last? Because, unfortunately, the level of reliability of reviews on the Internet is quite low. To determine the credibility of a review, pay attention to the style of the review text and the details that are emphasized. Inaccurate reviews concentrated on one site usually have the same style and style. RESULTS. In conclusion, I would like to note that, having chosen the right design studio, it is important to trust the professionalism of its employees. Do not forget that you pay money to a specialist for the competent solution of the tasks.

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