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As soon as the idea of ​​repair in the apartment has matured in our head, we immediately face the question: find design company (studio, bureau, individual)? Or do your own repairs?

The sad previous experience of your own design “creativity”, lack of time or a simple desire to surround yourself with a really interesting design and high-quality repairs does not give even a shadow of doubt in favor of trusting professionals. And here another, already more global question arises: to whom to entrust your most intimate square meters? The question, it must be said, is not an easy one, since the choice in the market for design services is currently more than diverse.


So, you need to approach this issue in detail, so that later you don’t grab your head, remembering: “What did it take so much money for?” or “How could a designer choose such a color for the walls?”


First of all, when choosing a designer, you need to consider the following points:

• Interesting, beautiful design, and then repair depends not only on one designer, but also on ourselves. How clearly, clearly, we will form our desires in the design of the apartment and will serve as the basis for the future design project. The success of the project depends on how mutual your cooperation with the designer will be.

• You need to understand that the designer creates a space for life, and how it will look can affect many things: our mood, attitude, and indirectly even our actions. It’s good when there is trust between you and the designer, this is the key to creative design solutions that will suit both parties.

• Not always the quality of design services depends on the price. Sometimes prices are “inflated”, and the result at the same time leaves much to be desired. There are designers who work as freelancers, but working in a company gives you the opportunity to communicate with your colleagues, consult when making a decision, delegate responsibilities, and this accordingly saves time and improves the quality of services.

• Equally important is the qualifications and experience of the designer. There are times when an insanely talented student who comes up with a seemingly brilliant design project can make a mistake in choosing materials, and at the same time the overall picture is not at all what was expected.

• When creating the interior of an apartment, it is advisable to deal with an architectural and construction company, where both planners (designers) and builders work. The interaction between these specialists directly affects the final result.

Of course, there are many more nuances when choosing a designer, and you can learn them already in the process of working on apartment design.

Good luck choosing!

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