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When ordering design of an apartment or house, homeowners strive to create not only a harmonious interior, but also a comfortable climatic environment. Air conditioning, fresh purified supply air, they are already indispensable attributes of class A living quarters.

The following schemes are offered on the market, perhaps you will recognize your option and understand why something does not suit you, and we will try to find something close to ideal.


1. A system consisting of a duct-type air conditioner and an air duct connected to it with outside air. A very common pattern.


This scheme has a number of advantages and a number of disadvantages, and the disadvantages completely break the list of advantages.


  • saving money is very significant;
  • installation is simple and does not take much time;
  • does not require special qualifications from the contractor.


  • the whole scheme has the roots of economy and handicrafts, an attempt to make an SUV out of a sedan will not allow you to enjoy either a sedan or an SUV, moreover, wiring for several rooms, which is usually done, will easily turn this set of equipment into a chaotic air movement in unpredictable proportions and directions . This not only does not give the desired result, but also significantly reduces the life of the equipment. You will be offered to put a separate valve with a remote control for each room – great. You could write a whole article about this. And in short – imagine a rubber glove inflated with air – squeeze one finger, the others will become larger, now two – the others are even larger, and that’s all – what will happen? The palm of the glove will swell. Transferring this example to equipment, the result is only one – reduced service life and failure;
  • The volume of outdoor air is 10% of the air conditioner’s consumption, for example, a powerful air conditioner at the 3rd speed gives 3000 m3/h, that is, we can mix 300 m3 of fresh air (we violate this condition, we overload the compressor and fan, we ruin the equipment);
  • year-round use of the indoor unit will not increase its resource either – it is not designed for this, unlike ventilation equipment (for example, Ostberg and Systemair fans have a guaranteed service life of 10 years without shutting down), and the indoor unit of the air conditioner at maximum speed does not calculated as it has a plastic impeller.

Summary: Yes, there was a period when such a scheme was relevant, but over time it turned out that a savvy Japanese flea dances badly and not for long.


2) Scheme 2

The supply unit with air heating and an air filter supplies air to all rooms in the right volume and to the right zones.

A separate climate system is individually selected for this room according to the type and number of indoor units.


Yes, it’s more expensive, yes, it takes up more space, but you get the amount of air you need for comfort and in the room it needs to get into.

There are several more schemes to create comfortable conditions climate innovation in modern living spaces, and they continue to be created, implemented and tested, but this is a topic for a separate discussion and will be described in a separate article.

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