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How to move away from the traditional boring interior design 2020? Just! You need to choose the dominant of the interior, which will attract attention to yourself.

It may well be that the dominant already exists in your home (piano, antique sideboard) and decorates interior design of a private house, you just need to draw attention to it. And if there is none, it should be created artificially. In order not to take risks with such serious things as sculptures, stucco, columns, use frescoes or bright mosaics. Place this “color panel” at the entrance to catch the eye. A very good solution would be a green corner. Select a part of the room for plants, lay out the floor, for example, with decorative tiles and you’re done!

But it’s all traditional. And what modern dominants can be identified? Water. Water panels, waterfalls, etc. are very fashionable now. The main thing is not to overdo it. You can limit yourself to one large aquarium, which can even be used as a zoning partition. Organize it with decorative aquarium beds, fill it with shrimp, and combine business with pleasure.

If you’re into originality, get some exotic pets. But this is only if you are ready to maintain the desired temperature, moisture, feed cockroaches, crickets.

And if you are not ready for such large purchases, but you want a dominant, a win-win option: put different branches in a large vase with sweetened water, and in a week you will enjoy bright spring foliage!

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