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“SMART HOUSE” – INNOVATIVE SYSTEM [email protected]®

Introducing the innovative [email protected]® system that transforms your apartment or house into a smart home. Smart home can be controlled with using a switch, an [email protected]® panel, a web interface or a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. You can easily adjust any of the functions individually or run complex scripts. The [email protected]® system gives a completely new sense of independence from space and time. From anywhere in the house and from anywhere in the world, you can conveniently switch lights, control blinds and adjust the temperature in the rooms.


  • Quick script switching. All it takes is a single push of the switch button on the [email protected]® panel, PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet to launch the predefined complex scenario. The room can be transformed in a matter of seconds according to the situation – for receiving guests or dining in a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Turn off all button. The simplest shutdown procedure, the ‘Turn off all’ scenario in [email protected]®, is especially practical when leaving the house, as it switches off all networked devices at the same time. This function is present by default, so no additional programming is required.
  • Configuration via mobile app. The extremely user-friendly [email protected]® mobile app allows you to control Smart Home functions from your smartphone or tablet. The setup is clear and does not take much time. First, all devices in the rooms are activated on the screen. After that, you can make adjustments – make it lighter or darker, warmer or colder, open or close, earlier or later. Save. Ready. The same can be done through the web interface on a laptop or PC.

The [email protected]® system does not require any additional construction work, as it does without special routes or separate cable ducts. If the walls are already prepared for the electrical installation, simply laying the bus cable is sufficient. [email protected]® is practical, convenient and energy efficient. The installation costs of the system are only marginally higher than the cost of traditional wiring. The [email protected]® system is manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with the international standards IEC EN 60669 as well as IEC EN 50428. All devices are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner within the RoHS directive.

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