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Thermal Imaging Survey of Buildings

When a person is unwell, he does not buy all the medicines in a row, but is examined by a doctor. Why doesn’t your home deserve to be treated with care? It is no secret that buildings are threatened by such “illnesses” as foundation shrinkage, temperature changes, and vibrations. Therefore, a survey of houses and buildings is necessary.


  • in preparation for the winter season, to identify and timely eliminate heat loss zones;
  • before insulating an apartment or house;
  • when buying a cottage or house, to get acquainted with all the possible flaws in the building and take them into account when making a decision;
  • when finishing work in the house;
  • when starting the heating system – to diagnose the health of the equipment.

With the advent of cold weather, owners of private houses are increasingly thinking about saving heat, because heating is expensive. Energy carriers are becoming more expensive, which means that reducing heat consumption in both residential and administrative buildings is becoming an extremely urgent task. It can be solved by attracting modern highly efficient technologies for thermal imaging diagnostics (or “heat audit”). As practice shows, due to thermal insulation defects, significant heat losses occur in the building (up to 20-30%).

Both heat supply specialists and home owners know that immediately after installation, before the start of the heating season, it is essential to check the performance of the heating system, as well as floor heating. In this case, a thermal imager examination will allow diagnostics. This makes it possible to identify all existing defects and eliminate them in a timely manner.

Timely inspection with a thermal imager makes it possible to constantly monitor the quality of work during the construction process. Based on the results of diagnostics, it is easy to determine the places where cracks form in structures, the presence of voids at the junction points of panels, insufficient thickness (and sometimes lack) of thermal insulation. In addition, thermal imaging inspection of buildings reveals poor-quality installation of window and door blocks.

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