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When developing design of an apartment or house, one of the first questions that arises is about the kitchen and, accordingly, which wall panel to use in the work surface area.

The wall panel in the kitchen, the so-called kitchen apron, is a panel that closes the wall from the countertop to the wall cabinets.

The following requirements are imposed on the apron: so that it is easy to wash, does not scratch, does not crack, is not afraid of moisture, goes well with kitchen furniture, as well as walls, so that the apron is the highlight of your kitchen and looks bright and catchy against the background of everything around.

All these requirements are met by decorative acrylic panels with natural filling as leaves, marine stars and shells, herbs, flowers, stones and much more that nature has to offer us.

Acrylic panels have an aesthetic appearance, are easy to process and install.

Excellent light transmission of the panel allows you to illuminate the panel, both from the ends and from the wall. In this case, the apron will play the role of not only a beautiful practical panel that closes the wall, but at the same time it is a lamp that will add coziness to your kitchen.

If the wall at the installation site of the apron is not painted and has an unaesthetic appearance, the installation of a transparent acrylic panel is carried out with preliminary gluing of a self-adhesive colored film. A huge range of colors will make the apron an excellent continuation of the kitchen and become that very bright highlight in the interior.

Comparing acrylic panels with glass, it can be noted that they are 2 times lighter than glass, 5 times stronger than glass, and in case of destruction they do not form sharp fragments.

Acrylic panels are an environmentally friendly product, there is a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion and are recommended for use in premises of any purpose.

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