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As you know, fashion is constantly changing, so it is not so easy to match it in everything. However, the main trends in the interior for a long time determine the appearance of modern housing. It is enough to bring the interior of the house in line with one of the popular styles and all that remains is to adjust it from time to time with the help of various accessories.


A typical modern interior is distinguished by the following qualities:

  • simplicity;
  • line clarity;
  • the spaciousness of the room;
  • functionality;
  • natural colors;
  • and more.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the interior styles that are popular today. ECOSTYLE Ecostyle creates the illusion of life in the bosom of nature. For this, natural materials and natural colors are used, which evoke associations with woody leaves, moss-covered boulders and grass. Bamboo furniture, coarse homespun fabrics and forged products fit perfectly into such an interior. Eco-style is characterized by minimalism, vast spaces and a lot of light. All this creates an impression of freshness and freedom. The predominant color of the style is white. ART DECO This style organically combines two trends in modern interior design. It is simultaneously characterized by clear geometric lines and references to the wild. Such an amazing combination of interior elements arose in the twenties of the last century. It fully reflects the eclecticism of the era of late colonialism, unprecedented technological progress and the flourishing of avant-garde culture. Art Deco has not lost its relevance even today. It is rightfully considered one of the most “creative” styles. In the atmosphere of bohemianism and light folly created by the style, a creative person will feel like a fish in water.


The loft style refers us to the middle of the last century. Its most expressive features are large open spaces, lack of obstacles, deliberate disorder. The style allows for a minimum of accessories. The division of housing into separate zones is usually carried out with the help of color contrast, for example, one of the walls of the room can deliberately stand out from the overall color scheme. The style is dominated by cold shades. Very often, brick walls are not equipped at all, the masonry remains “bare”. The loft style, as a rule, requires housing with a large area for its full implementation. This is not surprising, because the style arose as a way to adapt the former factory premises to the requirements of a living space. This is where the style’s penchant for large undivided spaces originates. Approaching the choice of one of the modern interior styles, first of all, you should pay attention to the features of the room. Well-lit housing with large windows is ideal for eco-style. Large unfurnished rooms are easiest to put in order with the help of a loft. Relatively small cozy apartments are miraculously transformed thanks to the Art Deco style. The experts at ionosfera will determine the interior design style that best suits your home and bring it to life.

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