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Residents of cities in one way or another think about improving their living conditions and increasing the comfort of living. In accordance with the desire and possibilities, repairs are being made in a newly acquired or in an old apartment.

At the same time, changes in the layout of the apartment make it possible to get what exactly its owner needs. Finally, the long-awaited jacuzzi bath will enter the enlarged bathroom, the kitchen will turn into a spacious living room where you can gather with your family or friends. Or maybe we just need to isolate the rooms or add a small, but such a necessary, pantry … These and similar changes in living quarters are called “re-planning and reorganization” in the legislation and are subject to approval in the manner prescribed by law.


As we all understand, it is impossible to turn all the fantasy in the field of apartment design into reality. Unfortunately, the reason for this is a limitation of both a technical and a legal nature. A few simple tips will help us navigate the variety of choices.


First of all, we need to remember that any building is like a big house of cards – the load-bearing structures perceive the load of the upper levels, and if one of the parts of the support system is removed (for example, to dismantle the load-bearing wall in the apartment or make an opening), then collapse may occur. Determine the supporting structures and leave them alone. However, in this case there may be exceptions, when changes are possible here. But to do this without preparing the appropriate documentation, all the more so, it is impossible to dismantle part of the supporting structure on your own and is simply unsafe.


Any apartment (with rare exceptions) is divided into zones – living (rooms), kitchen, bathroom and corridor. Questions often arise: is it possible to expand the bathroom at the expense of the kitchen or the kitchen at the expense of the bathroom? The answer is simple. The legislation categorically prohibits the increase in the bathroom at the expense of the living room or kitchen. Only through the hallway. The kitchen also cannot be expanded by “stepping” into the bathroom. The rest is possible, but there are nuances. They are numerous and it is not possible to cover them in our short article.


It is impossible to combine summer (not heated) premises with heated ones: i.e. balconies and loggias with rooms and a kitchen, as well as taking out batteries to balconies and loggias. It is possible to disassemble the window sill by deploying the battery on the wall and installing a stained-glass window at the same time.


You should not touch the risers of heating, water supply and sewerage, install shutoff valves on them, sink them into the walls, bending them at the same time. It is impossible to reduce the section of the ventilation duct. Here are the main, but not all, restrictions.

These four simple rules will help you avoid the most common and costly mistakes when designing and remodeling your favorite apartment.

You need to know – the legislation provides for the most stringent measures against such violators – liability for illegal redevelopment, ranging from a fine to the sale at auction of such a premises with the restoration of its original appearance at the expense of the previous owner. Do we need such “happiness”?


If there are doubts whether it is possible to agree or legitimize the redevelopment, then in most cases they can be resolved within ten minutes of an oral consultation with a specialist.


Time spent on approval – on average, the period for obtaining permits when agreeing on redevelopment is from one and a half months to six months, depending on the complexity of the work being done and the type of approval: according to the project or according to the sketch.

And finally, we all should remember that careful attention to our real estate, including compliance with legislation in the field of redevelopment and reconstruction, is the key to our economic and physical security, as well as the life and health of people around us.

Ionosfera specialists have extensive experience in coordinating the redevelopment of apartments.

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