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Gray color is the result of a combination of white and black, the intensity of the shade depends on their ratio. Often you can see other notes in it: green, blue, pink.

The most popular interior design option is traditionally beige. Recently, however, many designers have decided to prove that gray is no worse. This solution offers interesting combinations with other colors. With it, you can both set the general background and create unexpected accents. At the same time, gray is able to act in a variety of roles:

  • strict and businesslike;
  • homely and cozy;
  • inconspicuous.

And although many may find that its use makes the room too depressing, it is difficult to argue with the fact that there are many examples of extremely successful use of this shade.


The color goes well with the classic style, especially with warm shades of furniture and flooring.

Light shades set a calm, not flashy, comfortable background. The latter can be diluted with contrasting elements or simply supplemented with more light.

The calm background fits well with the very popular minimalist design these days.

It is also appropriate in large open loft spaces. Often furniture is also painted gray, this technique allows you to “hide” it indoors and artificially age it.

Color lovers can experiment with dark shades, such an interior is guaranteed to attract attention. It is worth noting one useful feature of gray – ceilings painted in this color seem higher and at the same time do not visually press.

Pillows, curtains and other textile elements decorated in gray are appropriate in any residential part of the house.


It can be used literally in every room, even in the nursery. So, a calm background can have a calming effect on overly active kids.

At the same time, gray will become a full-fledged replacement for beige in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. In the latter, the color gives a wide field for experiments with classic, industrial and eclectic styles.

For the bedroom, it is suitable as the color of the main background, and the accent can be made both on the walls and on the bed. In the latter case, appropriate underwear is used. Practice shows that this option is no worse than traditional beige or white. Gray is especially harmoniously combined with the interior of the bathroom. By combining the main background with highlights and shimmer of ceramic tiles, porcelain and metal elements, the room looks absolutely stunning.


An important advantage of gray is that it is perfectly compatible with many other colors:

  • blue;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • red;
  • green;
  • purple;
  • silver;
  • pink;
  • brown.

The combination with red creates a very bright and picturesque composition, this technique is often used when decorating loft rooms, when a brick wall or individual accessories and pieces of furniture are responsible for the red accent.

Green color perfectly diversifies the interior in an industrial style. The special charm of this combination lies in the fact that you may not even have to do anything, it is enough to have a good view from the window of the area densely overgrown with vegetation.

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