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Apartment renovation… How much does such an idea cost today? This question is probably asked by everyone who plans to start work on transforming their living space. How to ensure their required quality and at the same time not overpay? Or maybe it’s still reasonable to do repairs yourself? After evaluating the obvious “pros” and “cons”, many decide to save money and carry out repairs on their own.

This is followed by endless trips to building materials stores in search of the most affordable ones. And having already begun to translate their own ideas into reality, most people realize that it is almost impossible to cope with the fallen stream of endless work without the help of qualified specialists. That is why it is more rational and even cost-effective to initially contact a specialized organization.

In this case, it is necessary to give preference only to reputable firms with a good reputation. Such organizations, as a rule, have their own staff of qualified employees who, in the shortest possible time, will perform high-quality apartment renovation with a guarantee for the implemented work. Prices for apartment renovation can be found either on the company’s website or from the manager during preliminary negotiations.


Before the start of repair work, the company’s specialist will draw up an estimate, which is necessary to determine the total cost of the project. The estimate for the repair of an apartment allows not only to determine how much money is needed to carry out all the work in general, but also to reduce those costs that can be removed without compromising the quality of the repair.

An estimate for the repair of an apartment is drawn up in two stages:

  • on the first one, measurements are made of the total area of the apartment, all rooms, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, as well as the area of ceilings, walls, etc. A representative of the company will give you objective explanations on each item of the upcoming events and together with you will solve issues related to repair technologies, the quality and quantity of finishing materials used, as well as the style of the future interior.
  • at the second stage, the cost of building materials, consumable tools, remuneration of employees involved in the project execution and other necessary costs are calculated.

It should be noted that the total cost of apartment renovation will be different in each case. After all, each project has its own peculiarities and difficulties inherent only to it. The estimate for repair work is calculated only after a decision has been made regarding the style of the future interior of the apartment and the interior design project has been approved. Due to the fact that it will reflect all the nuances necessary for the implementation of the project, in particular the quantity and volume of building and finishing materials, equipment, up to the piece-by-piece accounting of the necessary plumbing and lighting fixtures, the estimate will reflect real financial indicators that will become the basis for future repair work. Only in this case it is possible to avoid additional, unforeseen expenses, which will necessarily arise during independent attempts to master the repair of an apartment. And only in this case you will be able to realistically and adequately assess your financial capabilities to carry out repairs, so that in the midst of the work, your funds suddenly suddenly run out.

So how is it actually more economical and smarter to do repairs? It seems that everyone will find the correct answer to this question on their own.

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