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If you already have your own vision of the future interior design, even if it is approximate, it will help the designer to more clearly understand the task assigned to him. After viewing the photos of various interiors, you can decide on your wishes. It is not necessary that all parts of the apartment be the same in stylistic design. In the process of creating interior design, you must adhere to the following basic recommendations:

  • It is very good if the chosen style of apartment interior design matches your lifestyle. This can be emphasized both in the design of the entire apartment and its separate part;
  • You should not completely copy any one interior design, it is better to apply the key elements of certain styles, interpreting them in a modern way;
  • It is desirable to define a focal point in the apartment where a style accent will be made.
  • A thoughtful interior should comply with the following principles:
  • Combination of harmony, aesthetics and functionality in a single concept when developing interior design .
  • The design of apartments or cottages is created so that people can relax, escape from worries in calm cozy atmosphere, chat in a relaxed atmosphere of your beloved home. This is a place you constantly strive for and that fills with positive energy, emphasizes the individuality of the owner.
  • In the interior design of offices, it is always important to realize the working environment, the aura of focus and comfort for employees. The design of a small office implies clarity and conciseness of forms, the absence of unnecessary details in the interior. The office is designed in such a way that it is presentable for partners or clients and disposition for self-realization of employees.
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