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Any person dreams of an ideal home, such that every little thing in it is in its place. However, in reality, most people have to live where they have to, for example, in an ordinary apartment with a mediocre interior. If you decide that the time has come to change something, then first start preparing for the repair. It is necessary to prepare psychologically in advance for the upcoming repair. Even before the start of work, you need to decide on the timing, goals and ways to achieve them. It is very important to have a good idea of ​​what forces will carry out the work, you need to decide in advance whether you will hire builders, designers and other specialists, or whether you can handle everything yourself. Is it possible to develop an apartment design project yourself? In general, it is not as difficult as many people think. You can cope with the task, even if you do not know how to work in architectural 3-D programs at all and are poorly oriented in design issues. In this case, you can study this area of knowledge on your own or ask a knowledgeable friend to help you. Usually a person with good taste needs only a couple of weeks to get comfortable in the world of design. If you decide to personally develop a design project for your apartment, from measuring rooms to creating 3-D models and calculating the budget, then you will definitely need to draw up a plan.


The basis of any design project is a certain idea. However, this idea should not contradict the chosen design style. Before proceeding with the demolition of the walls, study examples of finished design work. Decide what you like about them and what you want to see in your own home. Also browse books and magazines about contemporary interior styles. This is important, as certain styles are not suitable for every apartment. For example, a “dark” design is contraindicated for small rooms, on the contrary, in such cases, the lighter the better. Decide on the size of doors and windows. If the room seems too gloomy to you, put additional light sources. Separately, it is worth considering lighting for the working areas of the room, for example, for a cutting table in the kitchen.


1. Selection of ideas; 2. Study of similar projects; 3. Choice of style; 4. Selection of colors; 5. Development of a ceiling and floor plan; 6. Planning of cuts and sweeps; 7. Calculation of parameters; 8. Choosing the location of the bathrooms; 9. Choice of places for sockets; 10. Creation of a 3-D model of the interior in one of the design programs; 11. Visualization of the interior and start of work.


You will need to take the following measurements:

  • Apartment area;
  • Height of ceilings;
  • Window parameters and distance from them to the ceiling and floor;
  • The parameters of the doors and the distance from the ceiling to them;
  • The thickness of all walls and partitions in the apartment;
  • Thickness of floor and ceiling slabs;
  • Distance from sockets to preliminary locations of electrical appliances.

The measurement results must be entered into the design program; without this, it will not be possible to create a housing model. It is imperative to take measurements, even if you have a plan of the apartment in your hands. The fact is that the actual and planned values ​​may not coincide, for example, previous tenants could make redevelopment and not inform anyone about it. However, you will need an apartment plan in any case when forming apartment design, from this document you will find out which walls of your house are load-bearing. This is very important to know so as not to accidentally cause damage to the building.


Also, measurements are needed to calculate the required amount of building materials and when choosing furniture, in general, repair planning is impossible without them. When choosing the location of sockets, it is worth giving preference to the so-called “blind” walls, that is, those that will be covered by furniture and household appliances, for example, a table or cabinet. This is done so that you can close the zones on which nothing else can be bet. Knowing the parameters of the rooms and the thickness of the walls is necessary for the insulation and soundproofing of the apartment. Also, these data will be needed if you decide to make stretch ceilings. Measurements will allow you to approximately determine the required amount of building materials.


The first step is to decide on the style for the entire housing as a whole and for each room separately. To do this, it will not be superfluous to listen to the advice of professional designers and the opinions of your family members. Particular attention should be paid to lighting. Each room should be equipped with general and local light sources. The main fixtures are represented by the following varieties:

  • hanging chandeliers;
  • spotlights;
  • lamps built into the ceiling;
  • track lights;
  • and others.

Local light sources include the following lighting fixtures:

  • floor lamps;
  • candles;
  • sconce;
  • spotlights above work surfaces;
  • and others.

When creating a basic model of housing in the design program, the first thing to do is to designate the locations of sockets, lamps, toilet bowls, sinks, and similar stationary objects. It is noteworthy that you can independently develop your own furniture models, then they can be ordered at a furniture factory. If you do not want to do this, you can download 3-D models of furniture from any factory at any time. Furniture companies themselves strive to ensure that 3-D models of their furniture can be easily downloaded and used when creating a design project. This most convenient opportunity allows you to see how this or that furniture will look in the interior of your home even before you purchase it. This greatly simplifies the choice of furniture.


All the features of your apartment should be marked on these plans. So, if your apartment has a level ceiling or a ceiling of several levels, then this should get on the plan. On the walls, ceiling and floor must be made according to a separate plan, this will greatly simplify the implementation of your ideas for workers. Chandeliers and other fixtures must be marked on the ceiling plan. The floor plan should contain information about the location and dimensions of doors, steps, windows and levels. Also, do not forget to specify the thickness of all walls and internal partitions. Another plan will be needed to indicate the wiring diagram and the location of the sockets. This plan needs to be worked out especially carefully, it is usually with it that the most problems arise.


A scan must be made for each wall in the apartment. For this, a special function is used in the design program. Reamers are needed so that workers know where to install doors and windows. They are also used for furniture placement. Reamers help to estimate the amount of building materials needed for repairs.


The design program allows you to evaluate the design project even before the repair is completed or even started. Special 3-D models of furniture, household appliances and textures imitating wall and floor finishes make it possible to roughly estimate the future interior of the apartment. Professional programs allow you to recreate even lighting. As mentioned above, you can add any 3-D model to the program library. Thanks to this opportunity, most of the shortcomings of the project can be noticed in advance and the corresponding changes can be made.


Many programs already contain ready-made estimates, you only need to fill them out. For example, when planning a floor covering, you immediately add to the estimate the number of parquet boards that were calculated by the program. It is advisable to create a separate estimate for each room. Practice shows that it is very easy to get confused in the overall estimate for the entire apartment. Also, with such a magazine it will be easier to place orders in hardware stores and on the market.


Upon completion of work on the housing design project, it can be visualized. Thanks to this, you will be able to find out how the interior of your apartment will look like, how one or another design element fits into it. It is important that it will be possible to look at the design of the house not only from above, but also through the “eyes of a person”, this will help to detect various gray and blind zones and other interior flaws, as well as correct them before it’s too late. When developing apartment design project the main thing is not to break the rules, understand design programs, have good taste and in any case, do not touch the load-bearing walls. In all other respects, it is worth strictly adhering to the developed plan. Good luck and speedy completion of your repair!

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