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Building a bathhouse is a difficult and responsible business. Due to the unique combination of the elements of water, stone, fire and air, the bath, in addition to performing its main function, provides additional energy, power and strength of these elements.

Building a bathhouse out of bricks or logs is a laborious process and requires fairly high material costs.


Frame bath is a structure made of various building materials, with mandatory waterproofing, built on a foundation using modern and simple technology. Its construction is not a difficult task, all the work can be done by a team of 2-3 people. It is built in a fairly short time and with significant cost savings. It is possible to build a frame bath, unlike a log or brick one, on a site with any soil, even swampy and “floating”. This is due to the construction of a fairly light foundation and modern building materials.

A feature of such a bath is its low thermal conductivity, which requires construction equipment with excellent vapor and thermal insulation. To do this, use a vapor barrier material such as roofing material or glassine. They are placed between the insulation and the inner lining of the steam room. A mandatory ventilation device is provided. The sauna is heated by just one wood-burning stove. Moreover, due to the ease of construction, the use of a furnace of any design is allowed. Thus, the frame bath becomes quite cozy and warm.


The main advantage of a frame bath is its resistance to shrinkage, which is facilitated by the ease of construction, due to the use of high-quality and modern insulation. Compared to wood, its thermal conductivity coefficient is several times lower (0.03 W/m*K versus 0.14 W/m*K), which allows significant savings on heating and maintaining the required temperature. The external and internal finishing of the frame bath allows the use of a variety of finishing materials and to embody any architectural and design solutions in the building. At the same time, finishing work begins immediately after the walls are erected, which is impossible when building a log or brick bath. Another important plus is the possibility of building a bath at any time of the year, regardless of the weather.

By contacting our company, you will receive a frame bath on your site in the shortest possible time and at minimal cost. Our professionals will perform all work, from development and drafting of the project, ending with finishing work, with high quality and in full compliance with building codes and regulations. Experienced specialists of the company will calculate the project of the future frame bath, taking into account the relief of the site and the buildings located on it, with the obligatory consideration of the requirements and fire safety.

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