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The office of the company is a business card that forms the first and most important impression. Not all modern design ideas can be implemented when creating the interior of office space. Indeed, in addition to an attractive appearance, the main task of the office space is to create a working atmosphere that does not distract either employees or office visitors. In addition, the whole office environment, its decorative finishes should tell customers about the solidity and reliability of the company they contacted. Therefore, modern office design requires certain rules to be followed when creating it and has a number of features.


The office space should be as functional, ergonomic and comfortable as possible, because employees stay in it for several hours. Therefore, for the effective activity of personnel, their workplaces should be as convenient as possible.

The appearance of the office is the hallmark of the company. An office space with all its appearance should speak of the significance and prestige of the organization located in it.


Decorative finishes made in cold colors increase the business activity and concentration of people, enhances attentiveness and concentration. Warm tones have a positive effect on the communication skills of staff, contribute to the revival of creative activity and stimulate communication. Therefore, reception rooms and meeting rooms should be decorated in warm colors, and the offices themselves should be decorated in cold colors.

Psychologists do not recommend using rich red and purple colors in office rooms.

Office color design can be done in two ways:

  • The ceiling, walls and floor are painted in discreet, similar tones. Color accents are placed on furniture and accessories, decorations, flowers.
  • The ceiling, walls and floor are done in rich colors, while furniture and accessories are matched to match.

For vision, the first option will be comfortable, which does not attract much attention, and does not strain the eye.


Lighting in the office can be not only central, additional light sources are possible. It is permissible to equip workplaces with table lamps, lamps, so that each employee, if necessary, can use an individual lighting device. Daylight can be dimmed with blinds: this lighting creates a business environment that sets you up for efficient work.


It is important to take into account the specifics of the company’s activities when creating the interior of the premises. It is necessary to know the structure of the organization, what areas can be allocated for each department of the company. Furniture should be selected depending on the type of work to be performed. If the staff works with a large amount of documentation, then the tables should be additionally equipped with the necessary shelves and cabinets, there should be racks and cabinets for storing papers nearby. To maintain order and ease of use, office supplies are folded into a specially designated place.


Reception – a place for receiving visitors is equipped taking into account the convenience of customers. The visitor should not have questions about where he should go when visiting the organization. Reshepsht is always the face of the company, and its external design allows you to judge how wealthy this or that company is. This “receiving” area is divided into two sectors. The first is a functional and stylish counter, where the secretary meets all visitors. The second is the waiting area. It is appropriate to place a sofa, several armchairs or chairs, a coffee table with the company’s promotional products here.

The general design of the reception usually corresponds to the style solution of the entire office. Several artificial or live plants can be used as room decoration.


The interior of the manager’s office is always representative, decorated with expensive finishing materials. Furniture is often massive, made of natural wood, with solid leather upholstery. The office of the head has an elegant design without pomposity and frills. Exclusive accessories or even rare original paintings, engravings or sculptures are used as decoration.

The office can also be conditionally divided into two sectors. The first is the negotiation zone. Large-scale meetings with partners, employees and customers are held here. The main pieces of furniture here are a table and chairs, additional comfortable chairs with a coffee table can be installed.

The second sector is the personal place of the leader, which is designed in accordance with his preferences.

Staying in a closed office space for several hours, possibly working under stressful conditions, is always a severe test for office workers. Therefore, the main task facing the designer is to create such an interior that will rationalize the labor process and make it as comfortable as possible.

Office design is best left to professionals.

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