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Modern interior design is an incredibly flexible and malleable direction in design art, in which old rules are easily replaced by new ones. What yesterday looked out of place and was considered bad manners in it, tomorrow becomes original, bright and organic. In contemporary art interior design there are many directions and styles, which gives each of us the opportunity to use the characteristic features of different cultures and architectural currents. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any style and apply it in the interior as a whole, or take only individual details from it and create your own unique interior that will express your inner world as much as possible, as well as ideas of comfort and beauty.

If the question of choosing the style of the interior of an apartment is important for you, you will probably be interested to know what styles are most relevant today. To create original and one-of-a-kind interiors, designers use various apartment design styles, among which there are several main ones: traditional, historical , ethnic, modern and country.


In interior design, the traditional style is the most common. Its characteristic feature is a mixture of strict solemnity and everyday simplicity, and the degree of the former is quite easily reduced with the help of unusual accessories. In the interior, the traditional style is represented by antique furniture in brown and red tones, natural leather, expensive natural fabrics in discreet light and dark tones with floral or geometric prints. The most commonly used traditional styles are English and French.


Modern style is the most functional and comfortable. Often it seems ordinary, but it is not so at all. Modern interior design apartments create a combination of bright colors, clear lines and a fairly large number of accessories from different styles and eras – from retro and urban to chic style. The modern style is characterized by the use of metal, polished natural wood, ceramic tiles. Today, such modern styles as hi-tech, art deco, minimalism, techno and kitsch are most often embodied in interiors.


The historical style is characterized by a commonality of images, means and creative techniques that existed in a certain historical era. An apartment decorated in this style, as a rule, emphasizes the success and high social status of its owner. However, it is for certain impossible to reproduce the historical style in a modern interior. Modern technology, designs and materials absolutely do not fit into the historical context. Therefore, today the historical style in the interior appears only as a stylization of one or another architectural trend.

This style is characterized by the use of natural finishing materials, furniture made of precious woods, expensive fabrics, sculptures and paintings. Today, such historical styles as Empire, Rococo, Gothic, Classicism, Baroque are popular.


Ethnic style is the embodiment in the interior of the national characteristics of various countries, due to their cultural traditions, geographical location and climate. The interior, stylized in ethnic style, contains the beauty of the sky, the brightness of the sun, the greenery of the grass, the transparency of the water and the warmth of the earth. African, Indian, Scandinavian, Japanese – these many other ethnic styles are embodied in the design of apartments today.


Country style is a soft style that can create a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and comfort in absolutely any room. Subdued pastel colors, “clunky” light wood furniture, vintage printed fabrics, floral prints are the hallmarks of a country-style interior.

In theory, this list of styles is exhaustive. But no one forbids you to experiment and create something new in your apartment. And let your interior be truly comfortable!

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