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A designer who needs to plan a studio apartment is not an easy task. In such housing there is only one room, while it is also used as a kitchen. By reading this article, you will be able to avoid the most common mistakes that occur when planning a studio design.


Although the studio consists of only one multifunctional room, it must be clearly divided into separate zones. Separate parts of the room should serve as a living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, office and more. Of course, not every studio has enough space to accommodate so many functional areas, but even in the smallest room it is worth trying to separate the bedroom from the kitchen.

Remember that an apartment with blurry boundaries between different functional areas is extremely difficult to make cozy, most likely it will resemble a hotel room. To create a visual difference between the individual parts of the studio, you can use floor and wall coverings, it delimits the zones very well and delineates the difference in floor level. To highlight the sleeping area, screens or sliding partitions are usually used. This is due to the fact that in the bedroom it is necessary to create a particularly secluded atmosphere.


The feeling of comfort largely depends on the location of the functional areas in the apartment. Ideally, the zones should be folded into separate blocks on a functional basis, that is, the dining room should be located next to the kitchen, and the bedroom next to the office. Unfortunately, this simple rule is often neglected in order to fit the maximum number of different items in a small apartment.

As a result, the resident is forced to carry food through the entire apartment or sleep near the kitchen. This state of affairs must be avoided at all costs. The apartment can be conditionally divided into public and private parts, the latter should not intersect with each other. The public part, for example, the kitchen and dining room, should be located closer to the entrance, and the public part should be located at the far end of the room.


In a studio environment, even light is usually used as a means of zoning space. This method should not be rejected, the temptation to hang one chandelier for the whole room can be great, but it will be much more convenient for residents if each zone has its own autonomous lighting. For the living room, you can make two types of lighting. One standard for everyday situations. The second option is useful for a romantic dinner or other relaxing evening. In the kitchen, only the working part needs to be illuminated. To illuminate the bedroom, you should use bedside lamps or sconces. Remember that the studio should be able to illuminate some areas and at the same time leave others in the shade.


As a rule, studios are not large, so you should be very careful when choosing furniture and various utensils. In a small area, all the furniture necessary for residents should fit. Naturally, a large number of massive interior items in one room can create the impression of clutter. This does not mean that you need to choose only miniature furniture, sometimes a large sofa or a full-wall wardrobe can fit into the interior more organically than a narrow and tall lonely wardrobe.

There is only one golden rule: the minimum number of items with maximum functionality. It is advisable to buy one folding sofa instead of a sofa and a bed. A great option would be a folding table that can be removed and hidden at any time. The dining table should also preferably be with a sliding mechanism, and the coffee table – with a niche for storing various things. For tiny apartments, transforming furniture will be a real salvation.


The limited size of the studios negatively affects, first of all, the number of storage places. Oddly enough, a full-wall cabinet can become a way out of their situation. Hinged open shelves will also be very useful, they are able to accommodate a large number of books and at the same time look easy and aesthetically pleasing. These pieces of furniture have a common virtue, they use the space along the walls, which is usually empty.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to use the place under the ceiling. For this fit, it would seem, mezzanines that have long gone out of fashion. Nevertheless, mezzanines will allow you to make the most efficient use of the space in your apartment. If you’re willing to experiment, you might want to consider a loft bed. Less extravagantly you can optimize the space in the sleeping area with the help of closed shelves above the bed. If the apartment has rather high ceilings, then additional storage space can be arranged using a podium.

It is better to learn from the mistakes of others, so carefully prepare for the repair, let it be pleasant and fast for you!

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