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Deciding on the need to reconstruction of a country house or cottage can be associated with both the physical deterioration of the building and the desire to transform your home . Accordingly, the purpose of this measure in any case will be to create improvements at the facility, and often in the adjacent territory. Reconstruction, along with a change in objective technical and economic indicators, is also of great practical importance: the use value (value) of the building for a private owner increases, as well as the commercial value of the cottage.


However, one should not forget that, firstly, for individuals and legal entities there are somewhat different requirements for issuing a permit for the reconstruction of cottages, and secondly, the possibilities and breadth of the deployment of this event will also depend on the location and territorial affiliation of the land .

It should also be noted that sometimes even the use of heavy construction equipment at the facility may require permission, or even preliminary laboratory tests. It is better if the construction company undertakes not only the development of the project and design, but also the implementation of all additional activities, including those related to the coordination of this issue with the relevant local authorities. The task of the contractor at the first stage is to develop a project for the reconstruction of the cottage and, if necessary, to coordinate it.


Since the reconstruction may include not only a change in the design and architectural and planning solutions of the space, but also the creation of additional structures on the land, difficulties in coordinating the project cannot be avoided. However, an experienced contractor always knows how to get around sharp corners and avoid pitfalls. That is why it is very important to find a reliable contractor who has solid experience in the market and has the skills to reconstruct cottages.


With special seriousness it is necessary to treat the projects of reconstruction of cottages, including the modernization of engineering systems. However, this is an important point for the customer too: irrational laying of communications can cost a pretty penny and, as they say, go sideways. This issue also requires the advice of experienced professionals.

In conclusion, we can say that, despite the possible difficulties, the game is worth the candle: after the reconstruction, the cottage will begin a different life. Modern design is able to cause a real aesthetic pleasure in form and color, a successful architectural and planning solution will allow air to circulate calmly in the premises, and all sorts of improvements and innovations provide true comfort. Without a doubt, the increase in the cost of the cottage after its reconstruction is able to cover all the costs associated with it.

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