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When creating design of a modern apartment or modern home design or cottage, decorative stucco is a great alternative to more conventional wall surface finishes such as painting or wallpapering. The use of this material gives the premises a lively and rich look, creates a “zest”. There is a large selection of plasters on the market, which have various functional purposes, structures, compositions and methods of application. Let us dwell in more detail on those decorative coatings that are used in the renovation of apartments.

Here you can note the textured and embossed plasters. They are viscous mixtures having various colors and fillers, namely: small particles of wood fiber, fabrics, leather, linen, cotton. This contributes to the creation of completely different texture surfaces. You can make various figures on the wall, relief, imitation of natural materials. This will help hide the unevenness of the walls, make an original and aesthetic design of the apartment.

Tree bark (suitable in the interior of the kitchen)

Textured decoration of the walls of the apartment

Silk is perfect for a bedroom interior

You can use decorative plasters that create the effect of a stone. For example, marble or limestone.

Marble (suitable for the interior of the apartment)


Natural stone

Using decorative plaster, they create the effect of aged walls, where faded paint with stains or cracks is imitated.

Cracked paint (can be used in both apartment and house interior design)

There are many more options for decorative wall decoration with plasters, for example, under metal (bronze, silver, etc.) or the creation of three-dimensional drawings and panels.

What is the advantage of using this material? First of all, this is ease of maintenance: the walls can be washed with various means without loss of texture and color brightness. There is also no need for surface preparation costs – applying putty. You can give the walls different colors without changing and damaging the relief. And, finally, finishing with decorative plasters improves the perception of the interior, makes room design complete, boring and varied.

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