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At the end of the 20th century, mass and successful industrial production of stretch ceilings began. They first appeared in France. Despite some technical difficulties, they quickly spread around the world, firmly winning the hearts of designers and homeowners.

At the moment, the assortment has increased significantly, technologies have changed, and stretch ceilings are an adornment of any modern interior. Foreign and domestic designers offer a huge variety of stretch ceilings for apartment design, cottages, offices.


What are the benefits of purchasing stretch ceilings? The first is their quick and convenient installation, they can be installed in just a few hours, and there is no need to rearrange the furniture, after installation there is no debris. In addition, stretch ceilings do not need special care, the pollution process is very slow. Stretch ceilings are very easy to remove.

A rich choice of colors, textures, which allows you to quickly and efficiently match the shade to any interior. Now it is very fashionable to combine several levels and colors that visually divide the space of the room into certain zones. With modern accessories for stretch ceilings, you can afford multi-level compositions. One of the unique advantages of stretch ceilings is increased strength and moisture resistance! It can withstand a sixty-liter volume of water for two days without any problems. If you like loud music, then stretch ceilings perfectly absorb sound!

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