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The ceiling is one of the important parts of the interior of absolutely any room. In past centuries, the ceilings were decorated with exquisite stucco and ornate chandelier shades. But the fashion for such accessories has long sunk into oblivion, and today more and more residents of megacities are choosing stretch ceilings. And this is understandable, because these designs have many advantages and advantages.


  • ease of installation in any premises. They are easy to install and just as easy to remove if needed. To install rectangular ceilings, it takes 4-5 hours of time and a team of workers of 2-3 people, more complex structures are mounted for 1 to 3 days.
  • reliable protection of housing and property from unforeseen situations. For example, in the event of a leak from above, the ceiling film will hold water and prevent it from falling on the apartment. Only 1m2 stretch ceiling can withstand up to 100 liters of water. After removing moisture, the ceiling structure quickly returns to its previous shape.
  • the ability to combine with any interior and a huge selection of colors. Using a plastic ceiling film, you can create complex multi-level structures, arches, tents and vaults that will organically fit into the interior of any style. An extensive range of colors (over 100 different variations) allows you to create original stylish interiors in apartments, offices, cottages, public buildings. A matte ceiling will create a cozy atmosphere in the living room or bedroom, while a glossy ceiling is perfect for a bathroom or kitchen.
  • the ability to create original lighting. The stretch ceiling provides unlimited possibilities for the original lighting design of the premises. Choose chandeliers, lamps or spotlights, because now, when doing renovating apartments in new buildings or other houses using stretch ceilings, you can use absolutely any lighting system!
  • sustainability. A stretch ceiling is always an environmentally friendly and safe for human health finishing material that does not burn, does not emit toxic substances, and is not affected by dampness, mold and fungus. Thanks to these indicators, such ceilings are classified as structures that meet international quality and safety standards.
  • ease of operation and durability. Ceiling structures are durable and during the entire period of operation (at least 10 years) do not lose elasticity, do not fade or fade, their seams and fastenings remain strong and reliable. The ceiling is not electrified and does not attract dust, and if necessary, it is easy to clean.
  • allows you to hide imperfections. The ceiling structure creates an ideal surface without defects, and also makes it easy to hide all existing flaws and irregularities in the main ceiling.

Such significant advantages could not go unnoticed by interior designers and construction companies, which are increasingly using apartment renovation in Kyiv as the main finishing material of any premises stretch ceiling. The modern market offers customers a wide range of German and French products of the highest quality, as well as samples of domestic production, which are in no way inferior to imported counterparts. A variety of collections of stretch ceilings allows you to choose exactly the option that suits your interior and will become its spectacular final chord. Starry sky, white clouds, interweaving of exotic flowers, geometric ornaments or just a plain surface will be the highlight of your individual interior and make it unique.

As innovative developments in apartment design and house design translucent and 3D stretch ceilings. 3D stretch ceilings are made by fragmentary application of an artistic image onto two translucent canvases of the same size. Then these webs are sequentially stretched parallel to each other at a distance of 20-50 mm. Thus, an image with a certain viewing depth is obtained. If necessary, LED lighting can be installed behind such stretch ceilings.

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