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In fact, these two devices have the same principle of operation and functionality. The only difference between them is that the lid can be installed on a conventional toilet, while the shower toilet is initially designed and built as a single unit.


Tip: It is widely believed that a shower toilet is quite easy to install instead of a standard one. However, this statement is not always true. You can count on complete success if the toilet is located at a good distance from the wall. Otherwise, you may end up with “multi-colored tiles”. Thus, if you do not plan to make repairs in the room, it will be much more convenient to supplement the old toilet with a bidet lid. This option is very good and the fact that the device can be taken with you when moving.


In terms of functionality, the “smart” seat is not inferior to a stationary bidet, the main option is a hygienic shower. In addition to it, often the device supports a number of additional functions:


  • air fragrance;
  • seat heating;
  • disinfection;
  • musical accompaniment.=

However, stationary bidets usually have a more sensitive setting of operating modes: jet pressure, heating temperature, drying intensity, degree of extension of the sprayer.

Tip: There are two principles for heating the seat and water: either the temperature is maintained in a comfortable range around the clock, or the device heats up approximately five minutes after activating this function.


Unfortunately, the shape of not every toilet is ideal for a bidet seat, so in some cases water can spill onto the floor through the gaps. However, now you can easily purchase a lid and a toilet bowl from the same manufacturer, in which case no problems should arise.

Consumers find the following bidet cover features most useful:

  • seat heating;
  • jet force adjustment;
  • water temperature setting;
  • Spray out.

A relatively useless option is considered:

  • Drying takes too long.

Also, the disadvantage of the device is the need to supply a hose for water and an electric cable. It is advisable to take into account the supply of these communications in advance in the design of the room so that they are not conspicuous.

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