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Glass printing technology with ceramic inks is a new word in decoration and creating unique interiors and exteriors. The essence of the technological process is drawing a picture with ceramic paint, which, when hardened in a furnace, becomes an inseparable part of the glass.

Decorated glass with ceramic printing offers great opportunities for creating unique interior design. The range of application is quite wide: from the facade of buildings, stained-glass windows, balcony railings to interior filling of the interior – interior doors and partitions, countertops and wall panels, shower cabins and curtains, suspended ceilings with lighting.

Also, in the interiors, you can create whole wall-themed compositions. Ceramic printed glass is an alternative to classic stained glass. The advantages of art glass with ceramic printing: environmental friendliness, ease of construction, speed of production, low cost (from 3,000 rubles per sq.m.), unlimited possibilities in choosing a pattern or picture.

The image applied with ceramic paint, which uses inorganic crystalline compounds as pigments, does not fade in the sun, is suitable for use in all weather conditions. Thus, tempered glass decorated with ceramic paints becomes a unique material for architecture and design.

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