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Have you bought an apartment in a new building and want to create a unique interior? Is your apartment located in a high-rise building and needs a major overhaul? Are you planning a major overhaul of a three-room apartment as soon as possible? Whatever the reasons and features of the upcoming repair, it is better to entrust it to professionals.

A major overhaul of a two-room apartment or any other is not possible without a competent approach. Redevelopment of the premises, demolition of old partitions and construction of new ones, replacement of plumbing equipment and electrical wiring – all these works require professional experience and knowledge.

By entrusting apartment repair to professionals, you automatically solve problems related to project development and interior design, selection of building and finishing materials, choice of work technology, etc. The company’s specialists will take the necessary measurements and prepare a work schedule. Subsequently, you will be able to control the implementation of the approved project and demand its compliance with the developed estimate.


Repair of apartments on a turnkey basis, in particular capital, involves the implementation of many tasks aimed at changing the interior space of the premises in order to create the most comfortable living conditions. It consists of several stages.


1. At the first stage, a detailed redevelopment plan is created, a list of works for the repair and decoration of the premises is developed. At the same time, the design project of the interior of the apartment is being carried out with the detailing of the future appearance of each room. Changes to the project and its subsequent approval are carried out jointly with the customer. After that, the selection and purchase of the necessary materials takes place.

2. Next comes the preparatory work. In the course of their implementation, unnecessary partitions are demolished, flooring, doors, windows are dismantled, water pipes are replaced, the surfaces of walls and ceilings are leveled, a new floor screed is laid, partitions are erected.

3. At the third stage, works related to redevelopment are carried out – decorative niches, arches and openings are built, window sills are mounted. This is followed by puttying walls and ceilings, installing electrical wiring, installing boxes for switches and sockets, installing frame or stretch ceilings, laying tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.

4. The final stage of the overhaul includes work on finishing the premises – laying the flooring, wallpapering the walls, installing plumbing, installing electrical outlets, doors, platbands, skirting boards, built-in wardrobes. The interior of the apartment is filled with decor elements, accessories, textiles, etc.

We also suggest watching a video that describes in detail the stages of apartment renovation:


Major repairs can significantly change the appearance of the apartment. With the help of redevelopment of space, you can not only effectively increase the usable area, but also create a new functional interior that will be comfortable for you and your loved ones. Subject to regular cosmetic repairs, you will have enough capital for one and a half to two decades. However, not everyone will be able to “afford” a similar renovation of an apartment, the price is quite high. But, if you want to provide yourself and your family with a truly high-quality and comfortable accommodation, this cost is quite reasonable.

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