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Ceramic tiles are one of the main finishing materials used both in studio interior and in the exterior of premises . Now on the market there is a huge selection of ceramic tiles for bathroom interior, kitchen, hallway domestic and foreign production. Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing a tile.


One aspect is the technical characteristics of the tile, which should be taken into account in connection with future operating conditions. There are floor and wall tiles, façade and swimming pool tiles that have different abrasion resistance, which is very important for floor tiles, as well as the moisture absorption coefficient, which should be low for the bathroom. For kitchen decor and bathroom, it is also important that the tiles have high chemical characteristics, have low porosity, good acid and base resistance. For facing outdoor surfaces, whether it be walls or floors, the most important characteristic of a tile is its frost resistance.


When choosing a tile, do not forget about the properties with which you can independently determine its quality. Here are a few tips on what to look out for.

The edges of the tile should be even, and the corners should be straight (90 degrees). This can be checked by placing the tiles side by side. If the tiles are non-square, check the tightness of the edges, lay out one full segment (from 2 to several tiles if they are mounted in a puzzle pattern) and see if there are any gaps.

The surface of the tile must be perfectly even and smooth. Tiles must not be cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged. The tile should not be convex or concave, this is easy to check if you attach two tiles to each other with their front sides, they should fit snugly.

Floor tiles must not be slippery. To test this, put a little water on the surface of the tile and check to see if your finger slides easily.

You should also pay attention to the size of the tile, it must correspond to that stated on the package. In addition, the tiles should not differ in size from each other.

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