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Have you bought an apartment, a house or decided to breathe new life into your current home? One way or another, you will face the question of choosing the style direction in interior design. Today, most apartment owners prefer to turn to professional interior designers. At the same time, the issue of choosing a style in interior design or a cottage remains relevant. Not so long ago we already wrote about how to select an interior design contractor. Today we’ll talk about how to choose the design of an apartment or cottage. Below is a list of questions that you must answer in order to decide what should be the design of your house or cottage. QUESTION FIRST. WHO LIVES IN THE HOUSE? When determining the style of a dwelling, it is very important to answer a number of questions. Do you live alone or do you have a large family? Are there small children who live in the house or come to visit often? Are there any animals and what kind? The answers to these questions are very important, because they help determine how much to take into account when choosing a style, correctly zoning rooms, taking into account the presence of small children and animals when designing an interior. For example, a family with small children will not fit furniture with sharp corners, glass and smooth chrome surfaces. A family with cats and dogs is not recommended for very bright interiors, high pile flooring and leather furniture. QUESTION TWO. WHAT DO YOU DO? In order to design house interior design competently, it is very important to take into account the lifestyle and hobbies of the inhabitants of the home. Answer the following questions for yourself. What do you and your family members do? Do you work in an office or at home? Is it necessary to have a workplace, an office in the apartment? What are your and your family’s hobbies? How do you spend your free time? Do you like to receive guests and in what format? The interior in the apartment of a person working at home will be significantly different from the interior of an office worker. If you often host guests in the format of parties, a bar in the kitchen will suit you, and if in the format of dinner parties, then you need a spacious dining room. A well-planned interior will allow you to place an easel, a synthesizer, a sewing place, and a mini-gym. QUESTION THREE. YOUR AGE AND TASTE PREFERENCES. It is rather not your age according to your passport that is important here, but how old you feel and what lifestyle you lead. You can be quite young, and at the same time a very conservative person and prefer the classic style in everything, or you can be old, but open to everything new, and love everything the most modern. The interior of a house or apartment should be a continuation of its owner. So that everything, from wallpaper to accessories, speaks of the character of the inhabitants. Therefore, it is very important to tell the designer about what you like. Ready-made examples of interior design, photos you like, music you listen to, your style of dress and manner of speaking, you can form the main motifs of your individual taste. When choosing apartment interior design, it is very important to start not from fashion trends, but from your taste preferences. A professional designer should always be able to feel a person and create a unique harmonious and modern interior for him. QUESTION FOUR. FEATURES OF THE HOUSE OR APARTMENT. It is important, when choosing the design of an apartment or house, to proceed from the individual characteristics of housing. What is the area of ​​the apartment and how many rooms does it have? Is it possible to reschedule and how? Dark apartment or light? What is the style of the building? If little sunlight enters the apartment, it is necessary to use light colors when developing interior design, because. dark colors will only exacerbate the situation. In a Stalinist building with stucco on the ceilings, modern high-tech will not look very organic. If you dream of panoramic windows, and the apartment is located on the second floor and the windows overlook a noisy avenue, you need to understand that the implementation of this idea will not bring you joy. QUESTION FIVE. WANTED AND UNWANTED COLORS. All people have favorite and least favorite colors. Of course, when choosing an interior design, color preferences should be taken into account. List to the designer the colors that you like and the colors that you absolutely would not like to see in the interior. This will save you time looking for the perfect solution. At the same time, it is worth noting that light whitened shades should be used as primary colors, and using bright colors to place accents. The answers to these questions will help you decide on an approximate picture of your future interior. For style trends and more inspiration, you can here. And here you can get a free consultation on interior design.

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