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Many of us dream of our own spacious country house, away from the bustle of the city, the noise of cars and the dust of roads. After all, it is your own house or cottage that gives a person a feeling of warmth, comfort and security.

However, what is more profitable today: to buy a ready-made cottage or to build your own “from scratch”? The answer to this question lies not only in your financial capabilities. After all, when buying a house, even an elite one in a prestigious area, we may not know what materials were used in its construction, whether there are any hidden defects in it. The architecture of the cottage, the internal layout of the premises, the features of engineering systems, the quality of heating, ventilation, etc., can go against our ideas about comfort and functionality.

Another solution is to build your own cottage. Of course, building a house will take some time and will require some effort on your part. But most importantly, the end result will fully meet your requirements.


Construction and reconstruction of country cottages is a common area where many companies are represented. How to choose the best from a large list? The basis for selection in each case should be:

  • Professional experience, which is reflected in the portfolio of work performed;
  • qualification of employees, which allows them to make non-standard decisions and get the best result even in difficult situations;
  • the presence of a package of permits, since in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, design and construction in our country are subject to mandatory licensing.

As a rule, every company with many years of experience has ready-made standard projects for cottages and country houses. You can also order the development of an individual project, which will reflect all your preferences and requirements for the comfort and functionality of the living space. Together with a planner, architect and designer, you will be able to develop an individual project of a majestic castle, family estate or a cozy village house, provide systems for providing a comfortable microclimate, communication networks, security systems and other important points in it.


Wood and brick are traditional materials from which houses have been built for centuries. However, due to the rather high cost, today they are considered to be in demand only in the field of elite, and not mass housing. More affordable building materials are foam, gas and cinder blocks, non-removable polystyrene foam formwork, SIP panels, etc. They are much cheaper than traditional ones, are easy to use, have an impressive set of excellent performance properties and can significantly reduce the cost of laying the foundation, since weigh much less than a brick.

The choice of one or another building material or technology depends on your personal preferences, financial capabilities and tasks that you set for a country cottage. It is definitely worth clarifying with the design organization whether the cottage will be your permanent home or it is needed only for periodic residence, as this will also affect the choice of materials and construction technology.


External furnishing of cottages and country houses is a cover that creates the first impression of the owner, his stylistic preferences, social status and financial situation. Today, the most popular decoration of houses with the use of facing bricks, decorative plaster, ceramic tiles, natural stone, etc.

The interior decoration of the cottage, as well as apartment decoration, is of no small importance. Indeed, with the help of properly selected materials, you can create the necessary atmosphere in the room, an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, in which you want to return every day.

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