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Modern building technologies and design concepts make it possible to use glass literally everywhere. This material is used in the manufacture of furniture, household items, it is often used in decoration. Glass has many advantages and disadvantages.


The tabletop is made of tempered glass, which is six times stronger than ordinary glass. The glass top can easily withstand all standard mechanical loads. Tempered glass satisfactorily withstands high temperatures, you can safely put hot pots and pans on the countertop. The glass top is easy to clean and does not absorb odors or liquids. A significant drawback of the countertop is the fragile edge of the edge.


Depending on the type of fastening, glass aprons are divided into glued and bolted ones. Apron of the second type is much easier to dismantle. Thanks to this feature, aprons are easily modernized, for example, by changing the coating under the sheet. Adhesive aprons, in turn, make it possible to create large seamless compositions. Glass aprons have the overall advantage of being very easy to clean and dirt is not absorbed into the surface.



To create glass facades, an innovative combined material is used. It is based on an aluminum sheet, on which a wooden plank or chipboard sheet is glued. The last layer of lacquered glass is glued. The combination panel looks good, is durable and weighs little. Thanks to these qualities, kitchens that are not divided into sections can be assembled from modern glass plates.


Many people are put off by the fact that legs will be visible through the glass table. Avoiding this is very simple, just choose a top lacquered on the underside or a top in frosted glass. Through the glass tabletop, assembled on an opaque base, nothing will be visible either.

You can clean the glass surface with dishwashing detergent. From dried stains of coffee, glue and other stubborn substances, alcohol, solvent and acetone, as well as products based on them, for example, a nail polish remover mixture, work well. Stubborn dirt can be removed with a cermet scraper. To make the glass shine, it must be rubbed with vinegar.


The glass top looks best on a coffee table. Remember that the thickness of the glass sheet must be at least 8 mm, it will provide the table with acceptable strength.


For showers, ordinary transparent glass is most often chosen; this option is the most optimal and budgetary. If the cabin is located in a combined bathroom, then it is advisable to choose frosted glass. Also in this case, colored glasses are well suited, but it is worth remembering that they require more thorough care. They can be easily damaged by limescale.


Frosted glass is best suited for arranging doors in a closet or wardrobe. They look spectacular and hide the mess on the shelves no worse than doors made of opaque materials. Expensive cabinets are often equipped with transparent doors, in which case various accessories can be effectively placed in them. However, if the cabinet occupies the entire wall, it is more justified to leave most of the doors matte. Glass with a lacquered reverse side is also often used.


It is desirable to make interior partitions from reinforced glass sheets, that is, reinforced with a metal mesh. The latter makes the glass more durable and heat resistant. Glass partitions are usually decorated with wooden and metal inserts.


A glass roof is a very complex engineering structure. It must withstand all the usual roof loads. An acceptable material for making a transparent roof is plastic or acrylic glass. These materials are more than twice as light and an order of magnitude stronger than conventional glass.

Acrylic glass is also used for ceiling decoration. A glass ceiling is a much simpler structure than a roof, but even in this case it is desirable to use lighter and stronger materials.


Glass inserts in the floor are usually used to make a window for viewing the lower floor. Glass for such windows should be especially strong. For such tasks, tempered laminated glass is used, capable of withstanding a load of several hundred kilograms per square meter.

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