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The staircase can serve you as a kind of hallway substitute. There you can equip a place to store shoes, clothes, an umbrella and various household items.

It is also a great idea to arrange a small photo gallery on the cabinet shelves. You may not even have to order special furniture to order; a rack in the form of a ladder may fit the parameters of your stairs. In the latter case, you will just need to put it upside down.

The ladder is also great for storing books. You can make it all the way to the ceiling with books! The cabinet acts as a railing, protecting those who go up and down from falling. In this case, it is better to give preference to a rack with a back wall that prevents books from falling to the ground floor.

A ladder can be used wisely and with less bulky furniture than a closet. So, specially stylized boxes and baskets are produced, repeating the outlines of the steps. They fit perfectly into the design and are suitable for storing tools, books, knitting items, wool, cleaning products and various small items.


Railings provide many opportunities for creating an original interior design, in between you can place vases with plants or artificial flowers. You can use a purely utilitarian fixture to transform the space of your home.


The railing can be replaced with a partition made of wood materials with recesses for inspection. Firstly, this design better protects children from falling, and secondly, it can be used for an exciting game of spying on family members. The main thing is not to make the windows too big and not to place them too low, the child should not climb through them.


The window sill of the staircase window is perfect for arranging a recreation area. It can be equipped with a couch with soft pillows. It will be the perfect place for an afternoon nap, reading a book, or just watching the views from the window. Here you can rest while climbing the stairs.

If an open staircase goes to the middle of the room, leaning a sofa with pillows or a stylized mattress against its lower span, you will get a new seating area and resourcefully divide the space of the room into two zones. And the steps can be used as a desktop. We will cover this topic in more detail in the fifth paragraph.


A small staircase between the upper and lower sector of the room can be easily used to organize the workspace. To do this, you just need to lengthen one or more steps to form a table and shelves with their help. In order not to clutter up the space, they can be made folding. Comfortable and compact office – ideal solution for the studio.


If the kitchen is located on the second floor right next to the stairs, then kitchen cabinets can be used instead of the railing of the last flight. This will save a lot of space, and lockers can also be covered with a countertop. This will not only increase the working space of the kitchen, but also allow you to maintain the unity of the composition.


A kennel for your beloved dog or a cat house can be placed on the stairs, in a recess in the wall or right on the steps. Now no villain will be able to get to you without meeting with your defender.


If there is a staircase at the threshold of your house, then you can use it to arrange an original shop right at the entrance. Just extend the middle step and you can safely sit on the stairs without blocking the passage. You can also renovate a cottage and build a staircase that is beautiful and functional

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