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In the West, a lot of useful technologies have long been introduced into houses and apartments in order to make them even more functional, convenient and easy to use. For example, you already know the systems for using the owner’s voice to activate a device in an apartment or house. This can be turning the lights on and off, lowering and raising the blinds, activating the operation of kitchen appliances.
So far, the market segment that is responsible for improving the “Smart Home” system is only being formed, but already now it is one of the most promising. Now such “smart” home can be purchased in our country.


Hi-tech projects are already being implemented in many countries. This is the UK, and China and America. Even entire neighborhoods are being created in which homeowners control the home security system via a mobile phone or the Internet. After all, it would be nice for you to come to a warm apartment after a hard day’s work, drink freshly warmed tea, sink into an armchair and look through a pre-set program guide?
One of the most interesting elements of the “Smart Home” system is also a device that controls the stock of food in the house – “Smart Refrigerator”. After the owner of the house receives a message about the outcome of a particular product, an automatic order is made in the online store. Then the matter passes into the hands of the courier. He will deliver the groceries right to your doorstep, dial the code on the outer door of the refrigerator, which is located outside the house, and place the order inside. After that, you receive a message about a successful delivery, and the door activation code automatically “burns out” and becomes available only to residents of the house.
Home automation systems not only bring comfort and convenience to your daily life, but also make it increasingly safer. Make your home work for you, save you time and nerves. Lighting, video, audio equipment is no longer just entertainment, but also part of a serious system to ensure your safety. This is a new alarm system in the house. As soon as the owner leaves the dwelling, it turns into a real fortress, a dugout, an indestructible wall, “standing still” until the owner returns. Automatically closing on all bolts and locks, your house becomes available only to you.


The central computer, like a mobile phone, receives signals from command devices and then transmits them to other systems in the house, the so-called executive. They are responsible for automatically executing commands on the systems you want to control. Most often, commands are received using infrared sensors, or via radio. Other types of signals are transmitted over a conventional electrical network. Some systems can be simply plugged into a power outlet and the “smart home” starts working. Another system is the Internet and telephone, with which you can control everything from turning on the light in your house to humidifying the children’s room.
The simplest known intelligent system is capable of controlling about 300 different devices at once. It is also possible to activate using timers. Remember the shots from the movie “Home Alone”, when the hero Kevin tried to create the appearance of a hectic life in the house. You do not have to turn on and off appliances and lighting like a baby. With a random delay timer, all the fixtures and lights you specify will turn on automatically to create visible activity.


But every system has its drawbacks. All smart home systems have very low signaling rates and limited feedback capabilities, making diagnosing any problems that occur almost impossible. The disadvantages also include the difficulty of installing many Smart Home systems without additional repair work; the improvement of the security system based on some devices, for example, “X10”, somewhat complicates the signaling system, which lowers the level of security of the “Smart House” system.
It is hard to imagine a modern house or apartment without a lot of automated devices. So why not replace all these complexly controlled devices with a single system? “Smart Home” is power management, video surveillance, access control, and intercom. With the help of touch panels and control panels, access to the Internet and the telephone network, you can ensure safety and comfort in your home for a long time.

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