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In the modern world, the relationship between man and nature has been lost so much that communication with it becomes almost a real holiday for every inhabitant of the metropolis. Therefore, designers are increasingly using the theme of “human-nature” in the repair and furnishing of apartments, designing interior design in the construction of cottages. This direction was called eco-friendly interior. In many ways, it is innovative.


For greater interaction with nature, construction and reconstruction of cottages use large panoramic windows overlooking natural scenery, forest or garden. At the same time, the interior becomes more and more minimalistic. In innovative design, large light volumes are often found, making the decoration of apartments and houses look incredibly fresh, and the room is spacious.

This is how the interior of a German red house designed by Architekturbureau Jakob Bader looks like. The defiant appearance of the building contrasts sharply with its simple internal content. There are practically no boundaries in the interior of the house (an important feature of the innovative interior). The living room located on the ground floor is combined with the kitchen and dining room. And the bedroom has panoramic windows overlooking the terrace and garden. The minimum set of furniture is compensated by its functionality.


The interior can be dominated not only by light, but also by dark tones. For example, dark-colored wallpapers can be used on the walls. But the surrounding nature around, the use of natural finishing materials, large free spaces and, of course, bright accessories will make the innovative interior stylish and sophisticated.

Innovations can be applied to the interiors of any modern space. Renovation of a new building, finishing work in a country house and even renovation of offices using new trends will allow you to get a comfortable multifunctional space that is optimal for living, relaxing or working.

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