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Sleep plays an important role in human life. In order to feel healthy, have the strength to study, work and even for outdoor activities, a person needs a full-fledged comfortable sleep. Poor sleep greatly affects the state of the body, we feel tired and weak, efficiency and the desire to do something disappear. It is believed that a good, productive sleep is the key to health and beauty. In the modern world, thanks to advanced technologies, everyone can afford a sound and healthy sleep. Innovative solutions will help him in this.


For sound and healthy sleep, temperature, peace and quiet are very important. All these conditions can be provided by setting large window air conditioner from the Rehau Delight-Design profile system. These windows have triple glazing. The first glass is multifunctional, in summer it does not let in hot air currents, without interfering with the sun’s rays, the second layer also performs similar functions. The third glass is energy-saving – at any time of the year it will help to maintain the unique microclimate of your bedroom.


shatters . They are inserted directly into the window opening. With the help of shutters, you can easily adjust the lighting in the room, create twilight and thereby prolong the duration of your sleep. In addition, shutters help regulate the temperature in the room in winter and summer.


This material appeared on the market relatively recently, but it has already gained popularity among consumers. Luminescent textile is a fabric treated with a special dye. During the day, it accumulates light, and at night it gives out. This paint can be applied to textiles in various patterns. Such textiles can be used in decorating rooms. In the bedroom, such lighting will create comfort and the illusion of moonlight.


Energy-saving lighting systems not only save resources and money, but also to create unique compositions from LED lamps. Such lamps can be placed in any corner of the room (walls, ceiling, furniture, etc.). When turned off, these light sources are not visible, and when turned on, the surface where they are placed glows. You can control this lighting with a remote control. The light from these lamps has a wide color gamut. Such lighting in the bedroom does not interfere with quality and healthy sleep.


Clean and fresh air is essential for a comfortable and healthy sleep. In a dusty and polluted room, a person cannot get enough sleep, wakes up sick and tired. This problem can be solved with the help of built-in dust removal system. Unlike a simple vacuum cleaner, where during the cleaning process, part of the air, along with small particles of dust and mites, returns back, the built-in dust removal system allows you to remove all 100% of dirt, dust and mites.


Regardless of the season, the weather outside the window in the bedroom should have its own special optimal microclimate, which contributes to quality sleep and good rest. innovative climate equipment. You can control such equipment using the remote control.

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