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Many modern finishing materials can surprise the most demanding customers.

The three most important properties of an ideal building material are environmental friendliness, innovation and practicality. In addition, engineers are developing materials with such unusual properties as luminous paper, bending stones and transparent concrete.


Stone veneer is a cheap alternative to natural stone veneer, but the material is just as durable and just as presentable. The veneer consists of thin stone plates that are glued to fiberglass. As a result, when buying stone veneer, customers not only save money, but also additionally insulate the room. Tiles and flexible sheets of veneer (yes, there are some) can be used for finishing both facades and interiors, both ceilings and walls, and floors. Veneer can be used to create stone intarsia in the same way as regular stone.


Luminous wallpaper is not an ordinary backlit wallpaper, in this wallpaper LEDs are sewn directly into the fabric of the finishing material, and are not attached to it from the outside. A new type of finish was created by the Yashchuk sisters for the famous British brand Meystyle. LED wallpapers are glued on top of ordinary ones, the connectors for their power supply are located at the bottom of each roll. LEDs are designed for 50 thousand hours of continuous operation. Finishing of this type can be used for lighting, for example, in the corridor. There are various types of luminous wallpaper, some shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, while others glow in one color.


Flexible Tree is a frame structure with a high-tech fabric backing that can be molded into almost any shape. Triangular plates are hung on this textile frame, while the latter are not necessarily wooden; various types of wood materials (MDF, plywood, etc.), marble, metal, ceramics can be used as cladding. “Flexible tree” is suitable for finishing both interiors and facades. Thanks to the textile frame, the finish can be given a spectacular relief structure. One of the great things about this material is that it can be taken apart and reassembled as many times as needed.


The secret of transparent concrete lies in the addition of about 5% fiber optic strands to its composition, otherwise the material consists of the same components as ordinary concrete. Through such material it is really possible to see, however, only silhouettes. In terms of performance, the material is not inferior to ordinary concrete, so it can be used even in load-bearing walls and other loaded structures.

Transparent concrete is divided into two types: illumicon and litracon. However, they practically do not differ from each other in their properties. Transparent concrete is great for making decorative panels. Lamps can be placed between the latter and the wall to create a backlight effect.


Marmoleum is an environmentally friendly roll and tile floor covering. Marmoleum is inferior in terms of convenience to conventional linoleum, but, unlike it, it is almost entirely composed of natural renewable materials, with almost half of them obtained as a result of recycling waste. This finish retains color vibrancy for decades and is highly flame resistant.


Coconut trim is another environmentally friendly material. It is made from coconut shell, which is shaped into tiles. The shells are varnished, thanks to which they can be used for facing not only walls, but also the floor.


Various types of protective coating are used to protect the inhabitants of the house from the harmful materials from which the walls are made. Previously, housing was often made from such harmful materials as asbestos, aerated concrete, expanded clay, and some types of bricks. The impact of these materials is neutralized with the help of interior paints or cleansing wallpapers, which work like a filter.


Recently, the Tesla company began to produce solar panels decorated to look like tiles for roofs. They are no different from ordinary ones, except for their appearance. Thanks to the successful decor, these batteries can be safely used without the risk of disfiguring the roof.

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