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Progressive trends in the development of building and finishing materials for apartment design and houses affect the entire range of such products. Let’s highlight one of the areas – parquet – and consider what innovations are observed here. The development of the global parquet fashion is steadily moving towards increasing the size of the parquet element. It should be noted that not every house and, especially, not every room can be fitted with large-format parquet. Usually a room of 20 sq.m looks harmonious with a maximum lamella size of 90 * 1100mm. A larger size, taking into account the installation of furniture, carpets and other interior items, will simply be lost. In rooms with an area of more than 40 sq.m, one of the most stylish solutions will be parquet with a size of 180 * 2000mm. However, there are even more unique solutions for large halls – this is gigantic parquet. Here are just some of the facts. The length of the Villa parquet board can reach 14 meters (!!!). Width – from 200mm to 550mm. Such products are used both in the restoration of ancient European castles, and to create unique interiors in country style, loft, and ethnic style. The Austrian company Signatur is the oldest manufactory in the world, producing gigantic massive boards. To give greater stability, they use a technology in which raw materials from oak edged boards are thoroughly dried for 6 months, and then subjected to planing. After exposure in a special chamber, re-planing is carried out, which guarantees absolute accuracy of geometric dimensions. Separately, it must be said about the thickness. With a width of 270 mm or more, manufacturers strongly recommend a massive board with a thickness of 25 mm or more for our latitude. A hall with such parquet will look simply fantastically stylish and modern. The variety of color solutions will please the most demanding consumer. For example, a combination of thermowood with white pores or natural oak parquet with blackened “defects”. Also in the tool kit of modern parquet production there are a lot of options, and the most popular today  of them are deep 3D brushing and applying various patterns, filling cracks with colored sealants.

to name a parquet made of very old wood, usually from elements of houses of the 16th-18th centuries. It is not only prestigious, but also practical. Such parquet does not react to climate changes in the room, it is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.

The second, no less interesting innovation is the successful launch by the Dutch company Bolefloor of the production of large-sized curved parquet from an array of valuable rocks tree. Several projects have already been successfully implemented. The quality and accuracy of manufacturing elements is confirmed.

Of course, work is carried out only for projects with a minimum volume of 20 sq.m. The project is implemented within 3-4 weeks, and its technological map will be stored at the plant for 10 years (in case the element needs to be re-executed). The maximum length of the boards reaches 3000 mm with a width of 150-300 mm (there are natural fluctuations in the width). Solid wood thickness – 20 mm or 13 mm, multilayer parquet – 18 mm or 15 mm. By special order, boards up to 6000 mm long and up to 450 mm wide are made.

The described innovations in parquet fashion in interior design of apartments and houses give the premises an unsurpassed individuality and beauty.

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