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Repair of apartments and other premises is carried out in the following stages:

  1. Dismantling and dismantling of various structures (partitions, screeds, plumbing pipes), clearing walls and ceilings. Garbage disposal.
  2. After the delivery of building materials, construction of interior partitions (groove blocks, bricks, foam concrete blocks, plasterboard on the frame) begins. Wardrobes, niches, openings, decorative structures are being installed. Installation of suspended ceilings. Hydro- and soundproofing is arranged. In parallel with this, electrical and plumbing work is being carried out (tracking, laying electrical wires, installing junction and installation boxes, laying sewer and water pipes). The plumbing cabinet is being assembled (comb, filters, pressure sensors, water meters, etc.). An electrical panel is assembled and mounted (differential circuit breakers, RCDs). Screed is being poured. The front door is being installed.
  3. Followed by plaster work to level the walls and ceilings. Window sills, window blocks, radiators are installed.
  4. Then primary painting work (primer, putty, surface reinforcement with technical interlining) are carried out.
  5. The laying of tiles and parquet (or other floor coverings) begins.
  6. Walls are pasted with wallpaper, ceilings and walls are painted, decorative elements are finished (stone, wood, plaster, stucco, etc.), plumbing equipment, doors and skirting boards are installed. Sockets, switches, lighting fixtures are mounted.
  7. Work is completed by cleaning the premises, removing the remaining garbage. The parquet is varnished.
Repair of apartments, houses and offices is carried out within 3 to 6 months, depending on the volume of the premises and the complexity of the work performed.
The whole cycle of repair of apartments and other premises is carried out under the supervision of experienced engineers, who monitor the correct observance of technologies during the implementation of the project, organize the delivery of building materials, ensure compliance with the established deadlines.


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