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Do you think that in order to reduce the cost of electricity supply, it is enough just to remember to turn off the lights in the rooms in your absence? These measures will not give an obvious result. Modern technologies used in the process of overhaul of apartments or when performing finishing works can reduce energy consumption by at least 20-30%. And this, you see, is already a good indicator.

Meet the main modern options for combating overpayment for electricity.


Smart Home technology is invariably used in elite repairs. After all, with its help, you can achieve the maximum degree of living comfort and safety for each family member. However, Smart Home also contributes to a more rational use of electricity. Here’s how it happens.

With the help of this technology, automation of lighting in the house is provided. It is configured in accordance with certain scenarios that are set by the residents of the house. So, for example, turning on and off individual lamps and their groups is carried out not only at a given time, but also depending on the presence of a person in the room. And the brightness of the lighting can be adjusted in accordance with weather conditions, season, time of day …

Smart Home provides control of life support systems and their coordinated work. When the temperature and humidity parameters in the room rise from the set ones, the air conditioner will automatically turn on. But it will never work if the heating system is active or a window is open in the room …

Construction of cottages using Smart Home technology can reduce building maintenance costs by 30%.


When choosing materials for finishing apartments, it is important to understand: your choice may allow you to pay less for electricity. This is especially true for apartments, where in winter there are problems with central heating and you have to use electric heaters. Or those apartments where electric boilers and “warm floor” systems are installed. In the summer, special finishing materials will reduce the cost of air conditioning.

To reduce the need for electricity for space heating, it is recommended to insulate the walls. But most modern materials (for example, polystyrene) used for these purposes are not environmentally friendly. Others (mineral or glass wool) are simply not convenient to use.

To save energy, you can use the convenient and economical TEPLON gypsum plaster. It consists of exclusively natural components and perlin material, which is the main heat insulator of the mixture. Plaster applied to the walls as a finishing coat reduces their thermal conductivity by at least 50%. And the complete environmental safety of the mixture allows it to be used even in children’s rooms.


Usually, the cost of purchasing light bulbs and lighting fixtures is not included in the estimate for apartment renovation. But in vain. After all, having carefully weighed all the pros and cons of the use of certain lamps, you can come to the correct conclusion about their efficiency. Interior design Modern LED lights will decorate any apartment. And their features will allow you to save on electricity costs twice.


  • use 10 times less electricity than traditional lamps;
  • They last 50 times longer than other lamps.

Use our tips on how to properly organize energy savings in your home. And your electricity bills will be significantly reduced.

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