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Luxury refurbishment is a particularly high quality and completely custom interior transformation solution apartment or house, which allows you to completely change the living space and make it exclusive, meeting the tastes, preferences and social status of the owner. Only elite renovation is able to give a completely new level of quality of living, a personal world of comfort, coziness and luxury. That is why this type of repair can be compared with the individual tailoring of an exclusive outfit: in the same way, the master designer will “take measurements” and develop the most accurate “pattern”, thanks to which the outfit will favorably emphasize all the advantages and competently hide the flaws of the “figure”. This suit will be only yours, because it will fit perfectly on your figure!

The category “elite” includes only the type of repair that is of the highest quality, impeccable performance and original design idea. Working on such a project, the designer first thoroughly studies the habits, customs and tastes of the owners of the living space in order to understand their household and aesthetic preferences as best as possible. Here it is important to clearly calculate every detail and embody the requirements of each family member in the overall the result was the best.


Elite refurbishment is based on three main components:

  • A unique author’s design project. Elite renovation of apartments is always work exclusively according to the author’s project “by hand”. Only the original project guarantees the customer the exclusivity of the future interior. In addition, the package of project documents completed and approved by you allows you to clearly control the progress of each stage of repair work and gives a 100% guarantee that the result will be exactly what you need. In the process of developing solutions, you will be able to personally take part in the choice of colors, options for finishing materials, furniture and decor. And long before the actual execution of the work, you will be able to study in detail every corner of your apartment, make comments and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Use of premium building and finishing materials. Elite repair and decoration of apartments is an unusually delicate work that requires careful selection of materials for construction and decoration. And premium materials are not only high quality and extremely durable, but, no less important, environmentally friendly, which makes it possible to create a comfortable and absolutely safe living space.
  • Author’s supervision. Repair of an apartment, the design of which belongs to the elite category, cannot be carried out without a completed project. And he, in turn, is often replete with subtleties of a technical and technological nature. Therefore, in order for the repair and decoration of elite-class apartments to take place in full accordance with the project, it is necessary to clearly coordinate the actions of all employees involved in the facility. Indeed, sometimes the master may not delve into all the nuances of the project design or deliberately lose sight of any aspects, and in the future it will be necessary to eliminate the consequences of poor-quality work, which is always much more difficult and expensive than timely control of their precise implementation. For this, architectural supervision is necessary, which is carried out by a specialist who was involved in the development of the project. Thanks to the author’s supervision interior design the apartment will exactly match the wishes of the customer.

When choosing a designer for a luxury interior project, be sure to check out their portfolio and check out specialized websites of companies that carry out elite renovation of apartments. A photo gallery of their projects will help you make the right decision.

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